Titanfall, starring famous mechs like Metal Gear REX, Jehuty, and … Hitler?

This is what happens when you replace the Titans from Titanfall with popular mechs from other video games.

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Sadie21001681d ago

Dr. Eggman's robot is incredible! That looks real. Well, game real.

Anthotis1681d ago

The modders could weave some serious magic with this game.

Akuma071681d ago


worst thing about my childhood was when they changed his name from Dr Robotnik to Dr Eggman.

FragMnTagM1681d ago

I still refuse to call him Eggman. Robotnik sounds more evil. Eggman makes him a pansy.

ocelot071681d ago

Now is there where some custome skins available for the PC version I would buy it right now. Would actually be pretty good to jump in Rex or Ray from MGS.

NagaSotuva1681d ago

It's only a matter of time before modders gets busy with Titanfall skins. At least they do.

ThichQuangDuck1681d ago

I hope so the color scheme and mech design of Titanfall is part of what makes it feel very robotic and tedious. Mods will help Titanfall a lot at least for me. Mods are however not allowed yet

Rubberlegs1681d ago

I'm not sure how they would be able to mod skins in this. The severs are dedicated but they are all locked down and running off the cloud service. If people had access to their own server then they would be able to. Respawn would need to release proper mod tools for it.

Shnooze1681d ago

If people got their own servers running, I can see this working NO DOUBT with this engine, I mean holy hell it'd be awesome!

Soulsaber1681d ago

Metal Gear Rex looks badass

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The story is too old to be commented.