Latest Steam Controller - Why Changes Are Still Needed

Steam release another look at the new Steam controller, now without the 3 buttons at the bottom and the center screen, and instead opting for the more traditional 4 directional buttons and 4 action buttons. However, more changes could be in store since official release is still months away. At first when the Steam controller was introduced to the public, the public and press made a huge hoopla about how unique and original it was, however I always had my reservations about it and still do with this latest revision.

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MaxwellBuddha1681d ago

I'd like to know what the haptic feedback feels like!

NeoTribe1681d ago

They ditched the haptic feature.

olliec94931681d ago

A brief look at the headlines for the device on N4G and a small search on google implies this is not the case and you are in fact talking nonsense

pakua1681d ago

Looks like crap to be honest

badz1491681d ago

for me it still looks like "WTF?"

Somebody1681d ago

The first one looked like the face of an owl.

The added buttons for the new one made it look like a praying mantis.

Z_-_D_-_31681d ago

I think they put the buttons on the wrong side of the controller.

BitbyDeath1681d ago

Once they add the sticks its going to look like a Nintendo controller.

stragomccloud1678d ago

I'm really disappointed they ditched the touch screen.