New Resident Evil To Be Announced Soon? Capcom Responds

"Earlier this week, Capcom published a post on Capcom Unity, giving fans the chance to be part of “the next Capcom game” by sharing their favorite Resident Evil momories via Facebook and Twitter."

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rodiabloalmeida1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Remilk. feel free to disagree, but I said it. RE without Shinji Mikami it's doomed.

AnotherProGamer1677d ago

revelations was good, more than one person helped make the Resident Evil franchise there are many talented developers out there.

erathaol1677d ago

After the last one being a Stinker, it would of served them better to cool off the franchise, ground themselves in the roots of the franchise and take inspiration from new horror games.

That way the product they make has effort and soul.

MehmetAlperTR1677d ago

@rodiabloalmeida completley AGREE.. Without Shinji Mikami RE was dead. Waiting for The Evil Within.

Am_Ryder1677d ago

Well, it's not "doomed". But the series definitely needs some special direction to help it back on its feet.

SaturdayNightBeaver1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Evil Within will serve as our long forgotten RE fix , and surely even more than that.

Not expecting nothing more than typical 3rd person COD/Gears QTE ballad with few dark corridors to try and justify the "survival horror" capcom claim they are making.

DOMination-1676d ago

But Resi4 was when it became an action game and everyone seems to love that. They changed it because at the time everyone was saying it was stale etc.

Now I see everyone wants to go "back to its roots". Probably the same people moaning that it needed to change after CV.

RE needs to die. The story has just got out of hand with each new game. Capcom can then concentrate on doing something else within the genre without them needing to give a nonsense timeline to explain all the rubbish they've needed to add

rodiabloalmeida1676d ago

Resident Evil is so messed up, that nothing could change that. The franchise needs to rest. Play The Evil Within instead. Also, Mikami said in an interview that people doesn't get scared as easily as before, so it's a very difficulty task to make a game today that has the same impact RE had at the time long years ago.

But capcom doens't want to see that. Infact, they doens't accept it since RE3 and pretty much forced Mikami to make RE4, which is a pretty good game, but should be the last one made, if you look at the recent instalments of this beloved franchise.

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zerocrossing1677d ago

They may as well. After the last games they left literally nothing salvageable for them to carry on making sequels...

-Foxtrot1677d ago

They butchered the story, ruined the characters, got rid of one of the best villains in the game and turned it into a massive over the top action game

Yeah it's pretty much ruined

I'd say they just make a new timeline, use the same characters and locations then by the time you get up to the 4th game with them changing so much to the story the 4th game would be completely different....hell you could have Wesker finding out about the Plagas and because one of the rival companies have gotten there first he decides to use whats left of Umbrellas resources and bomb the place....killing Saddler, Salazar and the plagas in one go....meaning they never kidnap Ashley and RE4 doesn't happen.

Unreal011677d ago

But what people aren't realising the sad truth is that RE is selling pretty well. It sucks I know, but Capcom won't make any changes when people are still buying the games.

But I agree, this series could do with a reboot, Resident Evil 6 I wouldn't even call average.

Agent_hitman1677d ago

This past RE games, they've copied some elements on COD lol.. so that's why most of the part it's action, not horror lol.

KingKevo1677d ago

The series deos need a reboot, otherwise it'll just get more confusing to stick with how it was before, not just in terms of mechanics but also story, they have lost themselves in pretty much every aspect trying to please fans with RE6 which did not really work out.

I'd love to see a new studio trying to figure out a new Resident Evil, that again focuses on a stronger narrative and more survival horror. In the past few years there have been quite a few good games that showed how that can be done, even AAA games like Dead Space 1 and 2 or The Last of Us. I'd really like the series to become good and relevant again. It's one of these series I grew up with that I'll always like and hope it'll turn out good again and RE4 is still among my favorite games of all time.

Good luck Capcom.

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Hellsvacancy1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Well 7 comes after 6 so you might be right Einstein

I'd rather it was called BioHazard, and be a completely new game, with new characters, and actual zombies, not some dumb mutant things that melt into the floor after you put them down

vallencer1677d ago

But it's called biohazard in Japan so they really couldn't do that.

Hellsvacancy1677d ago

I know it's called that in Japan, it'll be a total remake then without the stigmata of the later crapper Resident Evil games

It needs completely rethinking

DeadlyFire1677d ago

@vallencer Well they could reboot it and call it Biohazard in the US/EU and call it Resident Evil in Japan.

hello121677d ago

Just a rumour going around Microsoft may have bought the exclusive rights to the next Resident evil. Have to wait to see if there is any truth to this rumour?

listenkids1677d ago

Can't see it personally, Japan is a big market for RE usually, and without an actual console to release it on over there would be a bit of a disaster.

iSpeakTruth__1677d ago

Capcom wouldn't be that stupid again. Dino Crisis 3 was Xbox exclusive for whatever reason and you see how that went

NarooN1677d ago

Even though it was an Xbox exclusive, it was also a flat-out piece of shit that didn't even deserve to be lumped in with the previous two games, which were actually amazing.

Dunno wtf Capcom were thinking with that game.

Sevir1677d ago

RE is too big to be exclusive, and there were rumors when last gen started shortly after Dead Rising launched and Lost Planet was announced that Microsoft was trying to acquire Capcom... Which is just as ridiculous as having Resident Evil exclusive to XBO.

It's behind world wide, isn't out in Japan and Asia and is STILL the most expensive of the 2 next gen consoles.

File that rumor under "Never Happening"

Concertoine1677d ago

What? Nothing's too big.
Nintendo almost bought THREE exclusive big RE games (remake, 0 and 4). The only one that got away was 4.
I doubt it would happen but not because it COULDN'T happen.

cbrcsg20011677d ago

I read that as well.. heres the link..

Dont think Capcom could be that stupid...

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hello121677d ago

Remember Phil Spencer hinted last week that Microsoft is looking into bringing Japanese games to the xb1 and Microsoft doing this alongside launching the console in Japan sometime this year or after.

Nothing surprises me anymore money talks more than anything. If Microsoft is willing to pay and Capcom accepts its a done deal.

Unreal011677d ago

Just no. This will not happen haha.

PaleMoonDeath1677d ago

Doesn't add up, Sony's PS4 is where the cash is made these days, going exclusive to XB1 would be a company suicide option for a company that's financially buggered.

Multi platform is the only wise thing they could do just now for sure, if they were to do an exclusive game for any console, PS4 would be the choice.

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