NBA 2K15 Already In The Works (Duh)

Today, 2K posted a little tease of a motion caption session they held with a couple NBA dunk aficionados and my hometown streetball hero, Gary “G” Smith, over on their Instagram. I can’t really tell whom is dunking in the short video (thanks to the motion capture body suits), but I’m pretty sure I can make out DeMarcus Cousins doing a little jig after a very impressive dunk.

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raWfodog1682d ago

I heard they were thinking about doing a 2K16 & 2K17 as well *crosses fingers*

desertpunk861682d ago

pc port confirmed 29.99 with missing features and server problems.

Relientk771682d ago

Shocking news is shocking

Outsider-G1682d ago

One thing I want in 2K15 is the ability to take a snapshot of our face and use it for 'MyCareer'

Also, recorded gameplay should have sound in it, at least the commentary and the audience.

SporadikStyles1681d ago

Although my player looks like me, I hope they let you import also.