Reported Amazon game controller appears in pictures

Amazon is probably making a game console, and today we've got a better idea of what that console's controller looks like thanks to Dave Zatz and the Brazilian FCC. The standards are all there: two offset, concave analog sticks, four buttons (A/B/X/Y) on the right front, a d-pad in the lower left, and triggers/shoulder buttons around back/up top. What's weird about this particular controller, however, are the other buttons.

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Neonridr1774d ago

"Following the success of Android-based gaming boxes like Mad Catz's Mojo Micro Console and Ouya.."

funny, you must have a completely different definition of the word success. Ouya had a successful Kickstarter Campaign.... as for its impact in the marketplace??? Not so much.

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parentoftheyear1774d ago

Hmmm Kinda Reminds me of onliveee...

Mikey322301774d ago

I actually hope they come swinging with a serious challenger to the Big 3. Not just some android console.

The more competition the better :)

Neonridr1774d ago

I agree, if this is another Ouya, then it's not going to do anything. It'll be interesting to follow, that is for sure.

XiSasukeUchiha1774d ago

Hmm I'm just have to see it in action before judging.

Dudebro901774d ago

I wonder if there's so sort of licensing deal with Microsoft. That thing looks insanely close to the xbone controller.

Maybe this is where the rumors came from that amazon and Microsoft were talking.

djplonker1774d ago

The controller looks cheap assuming its real this must be a budget andriod thingy!

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The story is too old to be commented.