Does where we play games affect how we play? - Digital Wanderlust

In this episode Kris conducts a survey of the locations in which people play games. Do we game better in certain locations? Do we prefer to play certain genres in particular places? Listen and find out.

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PoSTedUP1768d ago

hah, that pic is me- right now with the vita. :$.

when i play on consoles i prefer to sit on the floor closer to the screen when im playing FPS. everything else on the couch.

handhelds i like to play eveywhere, outside, in bed etc.

SolidGear31768d ago

My TV (24in Vizio Razr LED Lit 1080p) and PS3 are in my bed with me. Can't see anything far away (need glasses) and I always enjoy laying down when at home.

TheGamingMonkey11768d ago

I actually hate lying down at home, I don't know how my brother does it. I have a 22" Samsung 1080p TV and I have to sit like three feet away from the TV.

dcj05241768d ago

I do the EXACT same thing with my 24"

IRapeLolis1768d ago

Kinda funny the worst place to play a handheld gaming system is outside. O..o

PoSTedUP1768d ago

why? the glare? if so the vitas screen is bright enough to see pretty well.

Myst1768d ago

Yes in my current place with a few animals I am finding it hard to find motivation to play games. Back home I played almost all the time in a room where nobody bothered me.

dcj05241768d ago

I like the VITA because I can quickly pop in and out a game anywhere. Did that all day today on Blazblue.