Dark Souls II - The First Hour

The guys at 8bitbot played the first hour of Dark Souls 2 and they are happy to report that it is every bit as brutal and masochistic as its predecessors.

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MarioAna1732d ago

This game is going to eat my life. The atmosphere is the thing that truly amazes me about the Souls games. These guys are masters of the craft.

thaiboy1732d ago

Looking forward to finally trying this game

NeXXXuS1732d ago

Looking forward to finally dying in this game*
fix'd lol

DoctorJones1732d ago

I couldn't wait another month to play it so I bought the ps3 version, I'll play through it again on the pc in a months time.

Not played it for long but it's excellent so far. In true Souls tradition I have died quite a few times already. As soon as the missus has finished watching her Soap crap I'll be jumping back on it.

Alexander1Nevermind1732d ago

Yeah it sucks that I chose to get it on PC and have to wait another month+. I preordered on Steam (since its not likely to hit the PS4 anytime soon) so no I'm not going to give in and get it on the PS3. I think I'm going to play Dark Souls tonite.