CounterSpy confirmed for PS4, slick new trailer unveiled

Karl Dodds writes: "Developer Dynamighty today confirmed via the PlayStation.Blog that CounterSpy will be coming to the PS4 this summer. It was previously known that the game would be released on PS3, PS Vita, Android, and iOS and it was rumoured that the game would be coming to PS4. Finally having that confirmation from the developer is nice."

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ddgaming8201680d ago

LIke the idea of connected devices in this game.

nope1111680d ago

I keep getting this game confuse with Invisible, Inc.

chrissx1680d ago

Keep the games coming sony

Jayszen1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

This reminds me of a game called 'Evil Genius' on PC which came out ten years ago. Granted in it you played an evil genius who is trying to establish world domination and it was the players task to beat the good guys. This announcement immediately reminded me of the style.