Diehard GameFAN: Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

DHGF: Summary
While I really enjoyed what they did with Shadowrun Returns and trying to give us a campaign with that release that harkened back to the old SNES and Genesis games, Dragonfall takes that base architecture and then applies that to a more modern RPG story-telling setup and knocks their first expansion for Shadowrun Returns out of the park. Dragonfall puts you in charge of your own team, a group that’s decidedly different in their views on just about everything including life experiences and then puts that team in the crosshairs of a very powerful entity that wants them all dead and out of the way. Combining some of the best squad story-telling elements from the Mass Effect Trilogy with a rather large home base and territory that you can really grow to care a lot about, Dragonfall brings the Shadowrun Returns into the more modern RPGs without losing that spark that it had in capturing the old school Shadowrun RPGs.

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