Future Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Torpedoes Morse Code Chat Room

Released immediately on the Nintendo 3DS eShop following last month’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Steel Diver: Sub Wars is already queued up to receive a host of changes via future software update. The news came from the game’s producer, Tadashi Sugiyama, just hours ago via the official Steel Diver: Sub Wars Developer’s Room Miiverse community.

Sugiyama-san explains that fans should experience less error codes — such as [018-0501], [018-0502], and [018-0506] — and to be looking for future details on enhancements to the underwater simulation title’s online gameplay experience. Additionally, Mr. Sugiyama and his team have decided to close down the Morse code chat room feature with the update. All is not lost, however. Players will still be able to make use of the Morse code chat “while waiting for online battles to begin, and during game play.”

Finally, Sugiyama-san desires to implement various requests that fans have made in an effort to deliver a more enjoyable experience, a...

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