Why Censoring Video Games Is Wrong

Broken Cartridge: "A week before South Park: The Stick of Truth was released news outlets reported that a few small portions of the game would not be released in Europe and Australia due to the nature of the content involved. While these portions constituted only a very small section in the game, it was something that I found odd because of the fact that this is Matt & Trey, the creators of South Park, who have done some of the most jaw dropping episodes in TV history.

The two scenes that were taken out involved an anal probe mini game on a spaceship and having to give two different abortions. The only thing I can think of was this is wrong, not because the censors were wrong that thinking the material could offend others, but because of the simple fact that they censored a game."

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Red0eye0ceo1678d ago

First they want to censor video games, then what?

shadow18spirit1678d ago

they will probably ban games like south park

Matt6661678d ago

why can't people accept it just a video game if you don't like it don't play it

Blues Cowboy1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Censoring South Park was silly and unnecessary, for sure, but it's a bit facile to suggest that ALL videogame censorship is "wrong." Occasionally it's definitely appropriate to censor a game in order to be more palatable to a new international audience, or to remove things that even reasonable people might find offensive.

It needs to be considered on a case by case basis, not as some sweeping thing. As an example, I'd argue that Bravely Default makes more sense now that the character ages have been increased. Edea's concept art, figure and extensive combat training definitely seems to be more in line with an 18 year old, not a 15 year old child. The game is more believable and easier to engage with as a result, especially as the more exploitative and ridiculous outfits have been removed.

Horses for courses, but I agree that censorship should keep a light touch, and only used when necessary.

Wargrave1678d ago

Censorship isn't always about tits, gore and other controversial topics. If a game was 100% sexist/racist/completely morally reprehensible, would it be OK to censor it?

If a game was that bad, and reveled in it without a trace of irony or comedy, would it still be wrong to censor it? Free speech means you can say what you want, but you aren't immune to the consequences of what you say.

This is mostly me playing devils advocate, but it is something to think about before going "all censorship is wrong 100% of the time".

Sketchy_Galore1678d ago

In the case of the racist/sexist game, the consequences would be the public's reaction. You can't have an attitude of 'you can say what you want but you have to deal with the consequences' when one of those consequences is banning you from saying what you want. Besides which completely unironic racist/sexist attempts at creativity usually make for brilliant ironic entertainment. Sometimes it's the fact that these idiots were serious when they put this stuff together that makes it so fun to laugh at.

Racism and sexism, when being proposed as actual serious philosophies are almost always hilarious and it does no harm to hold them up to the light so we can all see how utterly ridiculous they really are. It's when these things are kept in the dark that they grow big and ugly, undisturbed by rational criticism and mockery.

Nice avatar by the way, good old Malc is my hero.

lemoncake1678d ago

Censorship has its place, but when its out of touch with the real world its crazy. Lets cut the cartoon anal probing in a game but leave the real life sex scenes alone in nymphomaniacs. Both are 18 rated why is one acceptable and the other not. If a game had a cartoon sex scene it would get cut.

CLOUD19831678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Go say that to the retards from SE who censor Bravely Default or any other idiot from any company who decide to censor it's game, age restriction on the box have no reason of existence from the moment they censor a game even when it's clearly made for 18+ ppl, I mean how retarded u must be to censor a 18+ game? also how retarded u must be if u release a game butchered because u afraid what some might say, if u r so much of a pu$$y why did u make it in the first place?

Game devs must man up & release their games as they original made them & not afraid of the various morons moralists, feminist & other idiotic group of ppl that they don't have anything else to do other than find things they offend them & cry about them, & the most crazy thing is that all those idiots who protest never gonna play those games anyway...

This quote say it all I don't know the one who said it but it's spot on:

“It’s now common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more…than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

If any1 offended from something he saw in a game don't play it don't buy it & just STFU stop bother with the whole thing & move on, & as the quote say at the end if u r offended "well, so fucking what."

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