The great console wars

Company reports don't normally generate much of a buzz among gamers. After all, ploughing through strands of infuriatingly complex numbers isn't half as entertaining as hammering your way through Liberty City or belting around the tracks on Mario Kart.

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Breakfast3829d ago

"Which console do you think is best? Have your say on our message boards."

lol...feed them, and let them go rampant on your message boards. Good job MSN.

Tut3829d ago

Hahaha! True.

I think their numbers are very wrong though:

"For every even-handed gamer who concedes that, yes, each console has something different to offer, there’s a devoted fan who would rather downgrade to a 1980s Vic 20 than play on either of the other rival machines." -Nik Taylor (MSN)

I think it would be more accurate to say that for every even-handed gamer there are ten devoted fans.

For what it's worth it is a pretty great article. He wasn't trying to prove anything was better and even ended with a nice community quote to support that fact. Refreshing... I love breaks away from the constant competition every once in a while.

dc083829d ago

The console war exists only in the empty pockets of children

Nostradamus3829d ago

I have a PS3, a 360, and a Wii.

I guess I won the console war.

pepperfootball3829d ago

Haha, Nostradamus, you cheered me up.