Why its a great time to buy a PS3

The PS4 may be out but the PS3 is still a great buy. The price of the console is still dropping and the great games are still coming out. If gamers haven't picked up one yet The Gamer’s Lounge has a few reasons why this is the time to buy a PS3.

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xJumpManx1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

make sure you buy the Phat ps3 its fully backwards compatible and cheaper than the slim model.

egidem1682d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Now I envy those whose phat PS3s are still alive and kicking. Mine died sometime in 2009 holiday season. These things are now super rare and hard to find!

But seriously, it would be a great time to get a PS3 because they are cheap and also due to the many list of games available.

I'm actually working though some of the PS1 games right now (currently playing MGS1) and it is an awesome experience so far. The joy, the awesome childhood memories it brings back... it simply can't be replicated anywhere else.

Chiodo1682d ago

Only certain Phat models are backwards compatible

80GB - CECHE01
60GB - CECHA01
20GB - CECHB01

These models have the PS2 hardware built in them.

All PS3s (phats and slims) running CFW can run a software emulation of PS2 games. Not as good as running on true PS2 hardware but still very good. Digital Foundry did a good comparison. The link is below:

xJumpManx1682d ago

I love my phat ps3 because it played ps2 and psx games. I was shocked when they removed that feature from the ps3 to me it was why I bought it.

Grave1682d ago

Because it's the only console that has Demon's Souls.

Hugodastrevas1682d ago

That's what i came here to say! Totally agree with that statement! You sir, win a humanity.

nix1682d ago

i had a choice to buy a second PS3 (because my fat one died) or a PS4. i picked up PS3 because i realised the PS+ is giving me games free to last me until there are more PS4 games that i like.

Picking up PS3 was the best decision i've made solely because of PS+.

And here's to Dark Souls 2.

BattleN1682d ago

If I get PS plus and a ps3 can I dl every free game or is it a montly thing?

nix1681d ago

it's a monthly thing. sometimes they repeat free games but that's good if you've just joined. almost all of my Vita games i've played were free. also on PS3, i've been downloading free games and trying/playing them which i would have never bought otherwise. that's a good thing about things being "free".

look up the list of free games sony has been handing out in wiki. it's a very good list. for little as 4/5 dollars a month, that's a huge catalogue of games you can ever get.

ceballos77mx1682d ago

Wise choice, im using my ps3 more than my ps4 but it will change when infamous gets here.

Yodagamer1682d ago

It's all about those exclusives, not only are they plentiful alot of them went down in price by now so they're a great value as well.

Applejack1682d ago

Although I love my ps4, I would definitely recommend getting a ps3 at least during the first year of ps4's life cycle. There is an endless amount of great exclusives and PS+ is a lot better on ps3 at the moment.

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