Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire Review

Gundam fans rejoice; the Playstation 3 launch has brought gamers one of the best Mobile Suit games to date. Deviating from the norm, Mobile Suit Gundam: Target In Sight goes for a more lifelike presentation than the classic anime style in both the visual and storytelling department. The result is a Mech based action game that is both long and satisfying if not a bit rough around the edges.

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beans4452d ago

IT looks like another one bites the dust for the PS3!

specialguest4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

8.3 is a very good rating. a 7 would be considered a good-average rating. a 6 is a rent.

let me see:

Dead Raising got an 8.4
Prey got an 8.2
Chrome Hounds got a 5.6
Spectral Force 3 Innocent Rage got a 6.5
Bullet witch got a 7.7

need i continue on? yeah, some of your beloved games like Dead Raising got an 8.* too and according to you, it BITES THE DUST.

beans4452d ago

What makes you think I purchased dead rising or even prey? Sorry guys but 8.3 is strictly a rental and not worth purchasing in my book! This game is gonna suck and im willing to bet it gets scores as low as 2 out 5 so just wait and see! Also the reviews on both the games you mentioned were kind of mixed with some people loving it and others not loving it, so let's see if Gundam even gets one 9 out of ten before you even try comparing numbers!

Arkham4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

8.3 is bad? You're an utter fool.

I'm stunned. I was expecting a 6-7ish at best for this game.

the_bebop4451d ago

Beans first off you have obviously have not whatched a gundam series before so I doubt you would understand this game is good. Secound even though I have not played a gundam game before because Bandai have never relaesed a gundam game in Australia yet I can tell this is better then the other gundamgames that I have heard of before. Third there is a Gundam game that is going to be releaased for the 360 however that game will not be as good as this one from what I can tell so far, especially since that game is not being created in house by Bandai were this game for the PS3 has been created in house by Bandai making it the better Gundam Game.

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videl4452d ago

this game is sooo cool!

Bill Nye4452d ago

You guys are arguing about a Gamebrink review?

How silly.

PS360WII4451d ago

Yet another good game that's out for the ps3! Man the list just keeps on getting better and better