Flappy Bird Creator 'Considering' Bringing It Back

After remaining relatively quiet, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen interviewed with Rolling Stone to discuss his success, new projects, and the possibility of bringing his hit game back.

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Derekvinyard131776d ago

He must be missing the 50k he was making a day

Irishguy951776d ago

I don't understand it myself, but I haven't been in that scenario. If people were being dicks I would them the dicks like a man!

No wait...I would stay off twitter and avoid the dicks

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1776d ago

its all part of his plan to getting more money it may not seem like it from how humble he may sound...

Make a successful game > take it down > have the media pick up on it> put it back on the market > Have the media hype it up that its coming back

that way he gets paid even more

smart smart

PoSTedUP1776d ago

@ jerzey- yeah but everyone and their mother has cloned flappy bird. i bet he was paid to take it down (or threatened, lol) so bigger companys can make money off of their clones. doesnt it seem like a dying fad now? it seems already played out, he was banking 50k a day, and upon popularity he would have been making more as it grew. imo. who knows, well see if it takes off again or not. if it does, maybe youre right with that tactic. but also someone could have picked it up to market it and get it as big as candy crush (hault distribution to stop and think of how to make it much bigger). idk. just my conspiracies. it was hypd and takingoff fine apon launch it seems.

GusHasGas1776d ago


Yup, I'm just waiting for King to create their own "Flappy Saga" so they can sue every single person who creates a Flappy Bird clone...

rdgneoz31775d ago

"i bet he was paid to take it down (or threatened, lol) so bigger companys can make money off of their clones."

You do realize his game is a clone of another game that came out a while before it? Same bird and just cactuses instead of the Mario looking pipes.


PoSTedUP1775d ago

@rdg- um, yeah. what's your point? it doesnt dismiss the fact that Flappy Bird was a gold mine (while the other game was a nobody) and everyone is now trying to clone Flappy Bird to get a piece of the pie.

sephiroth4201775d ago

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt hit the nail right on the head.

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WooHooAlex1776d ago

He should just sell the IP.
I'm sure Zynga would give him like a trillion dollars.

PSVita1775d ago

It was obviously a stunt to get the game even more popular. News about it being taking down was everywhere and now they'll be news about it coming back. I wouldn't even doubt that he set up those fake eBay sells.

Angrymorgan1775d ago

Aahhh dammit..I just spent £700,000 on an ipad with it pre installed too........

SolidGear31775d ago

Cha ching! Well said, brother.

Thatguy-3101775d ago

He's doing that marketing tactic that Cartman used when he bought his own theme park.

LogicLee1775d ago

He never stopped making money. The game was downloaded MILLIONS of times, and the ads are still running.

For that matter, he's made enough to quite his job, and is now developing games full time.

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BOLO1775d ago

Surprise surprise...That didn't last long.

Metallox1775d ago

A re-release of this kind of games shouldn't take more than 1 week. Expect to see this on April... Damn.

Soldierone1775d ago

The guy is a smart businessman. Take away something people want, make demand go up, put it back and watch people flock to it.

If he puts it up with a "threat" of it leaving again, TONS of people will download it as fast as they can.

KonsoruMasuta1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

It's basically what Disney does when they put everything into the vault. Everybody flocks out and goes to get it before it's gone.

The numbers of user reviews more than DOUBLED the night before he removed the game. And even with the game removed from the app store, he still receives revenue.

Agent_hitman1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

lol he's so dramatic before that he even hates the game, it ruined his life.. And now he want to bring the game back?. What a shame

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