Heart&Slash Q&A–Customizable Individuality

Garrett from the Koalition writes:

If you've kept up with the Kickstarter Weekly, you may have read my thoughts about Heart&Slash, a roguelike beat 'em up that recently received full funding on Kickstarter. The game is about a robot named Heart who fights back against outdated protocols in attempt to live freely and find love. In order to incorporate the themes of individuality into the gameplay, Aheartfulofgames infused roguelike elements into the beat 'em up genre, and they have 75 weapons and 60 body parts for players to experiment with.

I recently had the chance to speak with Aheartfulofgame's lead developer, Juan. We discussed Juan's experience working on the game part-time, launching a Kickstarter campaign, blending beat em' up and roguelike genres, and more. Read on to learn more about Juan, Aheartfulofgames and Heart&Slash.

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