Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal: Players Beat Johto Gyms, Elite Four Next Before Kanto and Red

During our last look at Twitch Plays Pokemon, thousands of players had pooled in their combined efforts and had managed to complete Pokemon Red despite an ocean of chaos, confusion and frustration.

One day after having managed this feat, the Internet joined hands to begin a journey with a Pokemon game from the next generation, Pokemon Crystal.

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DanielGearSolid2657d ago

They should play chrono trigger

3-4-52657d ago

Games I would also like to see them play:

* Twitch plays - Pong

* Twitch plays - Battletoads

* Twitch plays - Crazy Taxi

imtheman20132657d ago

The Earth rotates on a tilted axis around the sun, around the Milky Way. Surprise! /s

Armadilo212657d ago

which they made this into an event instead of just another one, maybe once a year would be awesome