Five Reasons You Should Get Dark Souls 2 Instead of Titanfall

GS: Tomorrow sees the launch of Microsoft’s supposed system-seller Titanfall. It’s also the day that cursed adventurers have been preparing to die for in Dark Souls 2. The hype machine has been going full steam for Titanfall since it was first announced. Dark Souls 2 does not have the same kind of PR behind it, and it doesn’t need it either. This is a game that has a dedicated community based on its own merits, not because it’s a CoD killer. Any gamer that craves a unique gaming experience that will challenge and reward you in equal amounts should invest their cash, time, blood, sweat and tears into Dark Souls 2. Here’s five reasons why.

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DEEBO2663d ago

Or both just go to bestbuy or gamestop and trade some of your old games.
i don't know if i should play dark souls 2 1st or titanfall? then next week metal gear and infamous coming out.

Sako2663d ago

As someone who had early access to Dark Souls 2, I can say that the game will easily eat away a good chunk of your free time. I've put about 30 hours into the game, and there's still at least 3-4 areas that I haven't explored yet (and probably a few more I haven't discovered). Titanfall is probably a game that is easy to put a lot of time into, but is easier to pick up and just play a few games.

DEEBO2663d ago

Yeah i can't wait! i put 80 hours into demon souls but i didn't beat dark souls but i'm a huge fan of the series.

I read on N4G that your not safe even if you're hollow that players can invade your is dark souls 2? do you like it?
with so much titanfall talk i haven't seen one dark souls 2 review.

Sako2663d ago

I'm not sure, the servers have been unavailable for the majority of the time I've played in recent days. But whenever I got invaded I had humanity, so I can't say. I did get invaded a couple of times while undead, but that was by NPC's i.e. phantoms that invade you because the devs want says so.

Dark Souls 2 is simply amazing. anyone that thought it was easier don't need to fret. It's hard as hell. The enemy/boss designs are awesome and fear inspiring, and it's really satisfying to push onwards whenever you've been stuck for a while.

The reason why you haven't seen any DS2 reviews yet is because the embargo does not lift until tomorrow, so those of us reviewing it aren't allowed to post until then :)

kenshiro1002662d ago

I was about to say the same thing. If you want Titanfall, get it. If you want Dark Souls 2 also, get that.

As for me I want to start playing rpgs again so I'm picking up the Tales series and FFX-X-2 remastered.

Gunstar752663d ago

Lol... lol.... yeah....whatever

Revolt132663d ago

Grabbing both of them, cant wait til tonight! :)

christocolus2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

They are very different games and they will each deliever a unique experience to those who decide to purchase either one. I dont even think fans of both games will have an issue with deciding which to pick up.

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The story is too old to be commented.