Titanfall Review - Millenium

The new Game of EA and Respawn is tested on the french website Millenium. The FPS of the Creators of Call of Duty will release on the 13th of march

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DeadRabbits2652d ago

Very quite when 8/10 are announced!

hulk_bash19872652d ago

8 is a great score so I don't see why it should be.

3-4-52652d ago

You mean * Quiet ?

8/10 is a solid score.

From the BETA I played, I'd give it 82/100.

Wasn't anything special, and didn't make me want to play a ton more of it, but there also wasn't much wrong with it.

I'm assuming the Main game is just more of that.

stuna12652d ago

Because everyone thought it was going to steamroll everyone with 9.5 and 10s. I 've even heard people saying it's going to be the best reviewed game so far this gen.

TitanFall in my opinion has been bestowed with a lot of grace! Things that normally would be pointed out and ripped to shreds in other games, are of no consequence now. It being a new generation and all leaves no excuse to some things! Prime example; Killzone's resolution debate after the fact, and People and the media were all over it like flies on sh**.

Father__Merrin2652d ago

I thought titanfall reviews will be flooded with comments? what gives? the most hyped game of 2014

curtis922652d ago

seeing scores in the 8's on a game that's suppose to be the biggest game of 2014 is a little sobering to many. By no means are 8's BAD at all, but I think a lot of people are wanting/expecting TLoU scores.

CEOSteveBallmer2652d ago

80 or 8/10 is a good score, and im right at predicting these average reviews, power unlimited gave it an 84. and now this. i said to blind xbox fans, it will be around 75-85 at best, it will become more low when metacritic averages it. I can also predict fanboys saying, "reviews are subjective and is not important". but when you rate titanfall a prefect 10, xbox fans will go crazy and say! "wow best game eva, suck it ps fans!!", just like i said, This is the next "rage" game by iD, "OVERHYPED GAME OF THE YEAR"

nate2542652d ago

Very funny comment considering it is getting an 87/100 on Metacritic right now with 25 reviews, and if it hadn't been for one 70/100 it would easily be above 90. Eating your own words.