Destiny vs Titanfall: A Rivalry Reborn?

GamerDebates takes a look at the possible rivalry evolving between two extremely hyped future releases: Destiny and Titanfall.

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Ofthingsmanmade2661d ago

Personally, I look forward to Destiny more. Mostly because it's multi-genre I suppose.

bicfitness2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Destiny will outsell TF 2:1 at least. Probably 4:1 with the marketing push Actiblizz is going to give it and considering the spread of platforms it has. Plus it looks like a more flushed out and complete online experience. A real MMORPG not only a lobby based MP shooter.

NewMonday2661d ago

it's not even a competition, Destiny will blow TitanFall away

Axios22661d ago

Destiny + TitanFall on X1 = happiness

Whiskeyjacked872661d ago

It will outsell TF because it's on PS4. Nuff Said.

darthv722661d ago

Does there have to be a rivalry? What is this obsession where everything needs to have a comparative? When did people stop playing games for fun?

Answers to any of those is appreciated.

SniperControl2661d ago

Destiny for me, found Titanfall boring after a while, Destiny looks like a game changer to me, finally some much needed innovation in the MP genre.

Looking forward to the PS4 beta, shame it is not coming to PC though.

Eonjay2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


Yes it has to be a competition. Remember last year when EA affirmed a sales rivalry with Activision saying that the competition was a good one. EA goal is to take down COD. Period. Titanfall vs Destiny is an extension of Battlefield vs COD. Activision was even more brazen by claiming that Destiny will be the best selling new IP of this generation. We are merely entertaining the admitted rivalry between the two mega publishers. Its just another game they are playing against each other.

Gazondaily2661d ago

Whils I'm more excited for Destiny, I don't understand the comparisons at all.

It would be like comparing Quake 3 Arena to Planetside.

One is an arena based competitive shooter and the other a mmo-hybrid.

scott1822661d ago

Destiny looks really good, so does Titanfall. Not sure why they would be compared in an way though, or be in competition. They are very different, can't wait to play them both.

PONTIAC08G8GT2661d ago

Lol why are these even being compared? Two totally different games. Same thing when people compare infamous against Titanfall. And of course destiny will out sell Titanfall. Destiny is on both gaming platforms while Titanfall is on one. Some of these articles are ridiculous, how they get approved is beyond me.

abstractel2660d ago

I was coming in here to say I was personally looking forward to Destiny way more than Titanfall and I can see I am not the only one. I thought it was ridiculous when Gametrailers put Titanfall as the number one most anticipated next-gen title.

0neShot2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Really? Considering facts, was it TitalFall that earned the major and most awards by GameCritics in E3 2013? Destiny is missing from the winners list. And the hype for Destiny is not as high as TitanFall, and that is after players get to experience the game. Your opinion is yours only without merit.

NewMonday2660d ago

actually their are multiple surveys showing gamers much more interested in Destiny, even XB1 owners

also up to 2 weeks ago Destiny was leading Titanfall in pre-orders on XB1 despite it releasing over 8 months later.

as for the hype a big part of it is paid for, MS pays money to those who post positive videos for them.

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AngelicIceDiamond2661d ago

Destiny VS Titanfall.

Do you know who will be the ultimate when its all said and done?


kickerz2661d ago

I will be enjoying both on my x1. Both look like great fun in their own way

purpleblau2661d ago

No rivalry. Destiny hands down.


Destiny all the way! In my opinion the MS exclusivity is hurting TitanFall. It would have a bigger impact if it was available on PS4 too. Not that i care that much about TF but more platforms = more sales.

3-4-52660d ago

Destiny looks epic.....Titanfall looks decent

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Majin-vegeta2661d ago

Destiny the ability to be able to traavel to other planets with your buddies sounds so freaking cool.

Godmars2902661d ago

One is trying to be a world set around a FPS while the other is a setting, an arena setting, for a FPS.

Still, Titanfall may win out for its arcade mechanics while Destiny tried to be a more serious Borderlands.

Hicken2661d ago

Well, with one being more limited in availability than the other, that may play a large role in success.

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