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AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco puts on his thinking cap to solve puzzles in a spiritual sequel to the classic Windows title, Chip's Challenge. The biggest puzzle is why we had to wait so long. "Chuck’s Challenge 3D is a nifty title that stands out in a genre littered with sub-par games. Though it falls short of matching the humor and charm of something like Portal, it is an excellent puzzle game suitable for play sessions both long and short. Hearkening back to its old-school roots while still exuding a sense of newness, younger gamers and those of us old enough to remember typing commands into a DOS prompt alike will find plenty of value here. It may have taken Chuck Sommerville a while to get this game out, but for fans of the classics it’s worth the two-decade wait."

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Hicken2660d ago

I was just thinking about Chip's Challenge around the middle of last week, and wanting to play it.