Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Official Gaming Headset Unboxing

"Turtle Beach is the premier name on the market for gaming headsets, especially when it comes to the Xbox. If you don’t know Turtle Beach by name, you’ve at least seen them in store at some point, as they are the very expensive high quality headsets. With the launch of Titanfall coming this Tuesday, it was perfect timing for a brand new headset based around Respawn Entertainment’s brand new shooter."


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n4rc2664d ago

These all suck.. Lol

Stop screwing around and release some real sets.. Dolby and usb, no adaptor..

Gamer19822664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Turtle beach are overpriced "branded" headsets. They are not value for money but pump a lot of there profits into branding so when gamers think headsets they think turtle beach. Just like with Nike trainers or beats headphones. Overpriced (especially beats!) and you can usually find something in a similar price range that does a better job with more features. Not to mention they fall apart after a few weeks, seriously they are frail as hell..

pennywhyz2664d ago

Sennheiser G4ME Zero is what I use but not sure if they work with x1 or ps4 just throwing out a headset thats amazinig imo lil pricy
But again ya get what ya pay for.

n4rc2664d ago

I personally use a set of tritton 720+

And currently use them and kinect for chat.. No reason to buy these or even the adaptor

I was all for USB chat and wireless dolby etc.. I'm impatient Lol.. These are just filler

majiebeast2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I would say people never buy Turtle beach crap. Horrible build quality that will most likely break within the first 2 years. There are much better brands that give good quality and reliable headsets.

gamingisnotacrime2664d ago

In my experience turtle beach makes awesome dolby surround processor, but the headpohones themselves sound sucky. Use audiophile headphones on ear force dss (first edition) and be glad u did

akraven2664d ago

I've actually had a good experience with Turtle Beach. Great sound quality. Just got the astro a50's last week and had to send back cause I couldn't update the headset and I was not able to charge. But I would like to see something new when the ps4 turtle beach comes out.

curtis922664d ago go with your titanfall socks while you sip titan juice out of your titanfall mug. let's brand everything titanfall!

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