Respawn: We Did Not Sell Titanfall to Microsoft

Vince Zampella: For those asking about the 'future of titanfall' announcement, I'm confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS.

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Yo Mama2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Some Microsoft fanboy's still won't believe it.

Eonjay2663d ago


But what does he mean when he says hes confused by what Future of Titanfall means?

For God's sake please don't wake up on Monday and find out that EA has stolen your IP from you lol /jk

NewMonday2663d ago

maybe MS have bought Respawn all together

Eonjay2663d ago


No lol its just something started by the Doritos Pope.

Irishguy952663d ago

Yeah I don't get can they be confused about their own Ip's future? Surely they know exactly what they're doing with it? EA do not own it

MightyNoX2663d ago

@Eonjay: Vince seems to be in the dark about a lot of things. I wouldn't be surprised if the scenario you proposed turned out to be true. :P

hqgamez2663d ago

They just going to say the future will remain an xbox exclusive. That's the future.

AngelicIceDiamond2663d ago

So this is The Dorito Pope's misinformation?


johndoe112112663d ago

I died reading the second and third posts in that twitter feed.

Patrick_pk442663d ago

Remember that Vince Zampella never knew EA cut a deal with Microsoft from the beginning. It would be terrible if EA sold the rights of the game to Microsoft.

HaveAsandwich2663d ago

he's confused by the statement. not the future of titanfall.

ShinMaster2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Why would Respawn keep teasing that the sequels to Titanfall will be on PS4 in the first place if Microsoft owned it.

It's just a temporary deal they have for now.

strifeblade2663d ago

Respawn is awesome. They did not sell titanfall to Microsoft EA did. Definitely not sell outs.

its_JEFF2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I really don't get how you guys aren't getting this... EA didn't sell the rights to anybody. EA doesn't own the IP, Respawn does. The reason Respawn is even a thing is because they wanted control of their own IP, they wanted to own their own IP. The only possible thing that EA could have sold is full exclusivity!

There is a chance that MS could have bought Respawn, but that would mean that they're now under someone again... just like they were with Activision. So in essence they could be in the same boat, again. Vince went off to be independent because he was tired of people telling what he could and couldn't do.

If anybody is gonna sell TitanFall it has to be Vince, he owns it.

diehardmetallicafan2663d ago

how does anyone even know if there will be a titanfall 2? what if the first dies in the arse?

Visiblemarc2662d ago

Well, for the guys at Respawn, this whole situation is unfortunate.

The company was formed after a dispute with activision, now they have EA making deals behind their backs.

On the one hand they are lucky to have a situation where they have a very hungry company, MS, pushing their game super hard. But on the otherhand, if the hype is to be believed, lightning has struck twice and they've yet again created a money printing IP...and yet again are out of control of it's destiny.

For their best interests, EA better have specified minimum sales numbers in this deal. Otherwise if this whole thing is a misfire they can go ahead and release it on all platforms, without waiting a whole dev cycle and praying the hype stays alive.

andibandit2662d ago

Theyre problably in the middle of negotiations with ms, thats why they havent sold it yet and cant say what the future holds either

nukeitall2662d ago

From all accounts, Titanfall will be a huge success.

This type of thing is very typical i.e. Respawn owns the IP, but EA owns the publishing rights for probably a trilogy meaning they own the right to publishing two sequels as well. EA then funds Respawn and they all reap the rewards.


"The company was formed after a dispute with activision, now they have EA making deals behind their backs."

Surely Respawn could have learned a thing or two, but allowed EA pretty much free reign on deciding the fate of Titanfall. Respawn might own the creative freedrom to do as they please with the game, but EA owns the right to publish and market the game.

The only way around this is if Respawn used their own money, which isn't likely to happen.

"Well, for the guys at Respawn, this whole situation is unfortunate."

I see Respawn as extremely lucky, because of their past history. How many developers is likely to get the free reign Respawn gets?

MysticStrummer2662d ago

"So this is The Dorito Pope's misinformation?


This made me lol

If your source of info is a guy named The Dorito Pope, getting a second opinion is mandatory.

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MorePowerOfGreen2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Why would the fanboys not believe it? Only people talking about acquisitions and IP purchases are PS4 fanboys being worried. The news from other sources are talking about a Partnership not IP purchase.

Why in the heck would Xbox fanboys not believe? The game is exclusive to MSFT platforms.

The partnership could be anything from Doritos/singers deals *to* Publishers, free DLC and more.

LOL at the fanboys running and crying to Vince.

filipakos2663d ago

The game is coming on PC too whats makes it an xbox exclusive?PS4 "faboys" can try the game there or dont

johndoe112112663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I think you are oblivious to exactly how fanatic, insensate and obtuse xbox fanboys can be. But i'm sure you're not like them right? Right?

Zhipp2663d ago

He said it's exclusive to "MSFT platforms." i.e, the game will never be seen on Android, Linux, Mac, or, yes, Playstation.

QuickdrawMcgraw2663d ago

I hope Titanfall stays a Xbox1 exclusive...The Xbox1 has been taking it on the chin since this gen started...And the Xbox1 really needs something...anything positive for their fan base to crow about...

mcarsehat2663d ago


I would be quicker to say Fanboys in general than JUST Xbox Fanboys.

AndrewLB2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Johndoe- You mean like these fanboys?

Or these...
and these...

Some more...

When will it end? I thought none of you PS4 fanboys want titanfall?


dear lord...

johndoe112112662d ago


Are you serious? What does that have to do with the point I was trying to show? What exactly do those petitions prove? That ps owners would like to have a game that they believe would be a good game on their systems? A game that was obviously meant to be a timed exclusive before microsoft threw money at their 10 cent whore known as EA?

Whereas the other petition shows the vindictive, selfish, spiteful, hateful, idiotic, moronic and utter stupidity of a fanbase that is trying to stop another system from getting a game out of pure hatred and malice.

All fanboy bases can be a-holes at times no one is denying that but a petition to keep titanfall as an xbox exclusive just to spite the ps fanbase shows how pathetic and disgusting the xbox fansase is. Mind you, not all of them are like that but this petition makes you wonder.

The sad thing is your post made even less sense than their petition. At least I know it is hatred that is driving them but what exactly is driving you seeing that you are a pc elitist? Is it because microsft makes you pc os that you will champion anything microsoft? Is it that that drove you to post such a senseless and irrelevant response?

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lolCHILLbro2663d ago

im a MS fan and Xbox fan and i dont really care!

Bathyj2662d ago

Xbox fan I can see, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they were a Microsoft fan before.

AceBlazer132663d ago

Maybe respawn didn't sell it maybe EA did.

Tiqila2663d ago

I dont see how EA can sell something they dont own?

Radentangr2662d ago

It depends on the agreement. I have had IPs sold off without my signature, its about who owns the majority.

DeadlyFire2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

You mean maybe Respawn sold Titanfall to EA right? As Respawn owns the IP. EA just has a publishing agreement with Respawn. That is all.

avengers19782663d ago

Well he also said he was surprised EA signed the exclusive deal with MS, I'm not to sure this guy has to much say in the matter...
Remember EA is the original EVIL EMPIRE, maybe they stole it and sold it too MS.

showtimefolks2663d ago

why would Respawn sell their IP when they just got away from Activision. If anything we may see future TF games publisher by a different publisher, EA went behind Respawn's back to make it exclusive

Respawn owns the IP

TheDrunkenJester2663d ago

All he is saying is they didn't sell the IP to Microsoft. That doesn't mean it's going multiplat, take Gears of War for example, that series is completely xbox exclusive, but Microsoft only bought the actual IP from Epic a month or so ago.

So we could see the same for Titanfall. No Microsoft does not own Titanfall, but it can still be their exclusive indefinitely if this game sells well enough.

cabbitwithscissors2663d ago

The Gears of War example is not really true. I'm guessing that MS did pay for lifetime exclusivity (if any), or it could be that Epic Games didn't want to go through the hassle of programming for the PS3 due to its unique requirements.

But they did have a change of heart when the PS4 came out, and there was news around stating that they were thinking of bringing Gears of War to the PS4 platform before MS blew a fuse and went and made the offer to buy that game off of Epic games and made it a xbone exclusive.

For MS to get exclusivity on Titanfall, they will need to pay a huge sum to both EA and Respawn. Something that they may not be able to do with the new change in management.

EA only has a contract on the first game, not the subsequent ones (excluding DLCs). What's to say that Respawn goes to another publisher or change the contract terms with EA for the new game ?

There's a lot of possibilities and maybes at the moment, and things are still up in the air.

We don't even know what are the contract terms made between EA and MS or even EA and Respawn, and with the MS platform being low in install base and MS giving out the game for free, I'm guessing that there is a clause in the contract that sales figures must meet a certain number in a set time period or the game will go to other platforms. Conjecture here actually.

fermcr2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

What everybody knows is that Titanfall is being released on PC and Xbox platforms. It will stay exclusive to those platforms according to EA... and Titanfall 2 might be released on Sony or Nintendo platforms in the future... the rest is just speculation.

Blaze9292662d ago

this guy didn't even want nor know Titanfall 1 was going to remain an Xbox One exclusive. Yet it's his company and IP? lol talk about a mixup.

I wouldn't be shocked to see EA straight lift the IP right from Respawn

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GraveLord2663d ago

Looks like PS4 owners can look forward to Titanfall 2 in the future.

Abash2663d ago

Hopefully Titanfall 2 could be more of a full game with an AAA campaign mode

InTheLab2663d ago

And some form of co-op like most shooters...

Debaitable2663d ago

It doesn't need a AAA campaign, what they have now is good enough. BF4 sells well enough with the majority of its player base only touching the multiplayer.

scott1822663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

How do you know a majority of Battlefield players only play the multiplayer? That is a wild assumption that seems very much false. If people didn't, why would they take so much time and money making them such a big part of the game?

mo2412663d ago

campaign is not needed. I would love to see a splitscreen in the sequel. Most important thing needed is for it to be on the ps4, which is most likely. Still considering to get the game on the x360, but I was planning on not to buy games anymore for the current gen consoles so I can focus on the next gen. And don't want to pay for a ps plus and an xbox live sub.
And the fact that it's delayed on the x360 doesn't make it any better.

Boody-Bandit2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

And no bots.
Bot farming is why I'm meh on this game even though I own an X1 and PC gaming rig. They need to do away with them for TF2. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. The grunt AI is so dumb.

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avengers19782663d ago

I'm a PS4 owner and I could careless if TitanFall ever comes to PS4, it's not like there will be a shortage of games for it, or a shortage of shooters for that matter.

MRMagoo1232663d ago

My thoughts exactly , i would not be playing it if it was on the PS4 anyway, if i want titanfall ill get it on my PC but i really have no interest in another fps , i would prefer no more FPS games where made for the entire gen but i know that wont happen.

showtimefolks2663d ago

yes sir and if i want to play it i can on my PC. People act as the only way to play TF is to buy an xbox one. If anything i say PC version would be the best if they allow mods and stuff

cabbitwithscissors2663d ago

Spread the love. You might not want the game, but there are others who are interested in it and want to play it. Why limit choices ?

This game is by a third party developer and a small one at that, they need all the sales they can get.

Also, going multi-platform is a good way to make your game available to more people. That is one reason Insomniac Games made but somehow they went against their reasoning and went back to exclusivity with MS for Sunset Overdrive. They must really be eating their words.

Izzy4082663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Give it a rest already, PS fanboys; jeezus. Stop making a big deal about Titanfall being an Xbox/PC exclusive. You have exclusive games too. Deal with it!

AngelicIceDiamond2663d ago

Lol @Izzy kinda has a point.

It's funny because Titanfall isn't even a true exclusive. I do agree because fanboys are are getting a little crazy. They forget they have exclusive games as well.

Enjoy what's coming to your console and have fun.

ABizzel12663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


To be honest I'm with you on this. It's not a big freaking deal. Each console has exclusives to play, and it seems like some of these PS "gamers" (and I use the term lightly) are more interested in getting TitanFall simply so M$ doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Just let it go, and why would you want part 2, when EA/Respawn basically tried to whammy you with the original release, because they felt they'd make a little more money hoping XBO would lead NA and UK.

That's like someone selling a car you were waiting going to buy, and then telling you they sold it but wait a couple years and they'll sale you another one for the same price. GTFOMF.

Why would you even support that? Sloppy seconds. If anything you guys should teach them a lesson and not buy it, or buy every copy used, so they know better than to do something like that again.

As for EA it makes no sense to create a multiplatform game, then make it timed exclusive, then full exclusive, and a couple years make the sequel multiplat and expect everyone to be happy like they didn't just play you. Nope next. And I hope PS gamers don't buy it, because of your greed, and there's no way Respawn didn't know this. Zampella you're running a freaking, and you mean to tell me you don't know what's going on with your business, and if that's really the case then it's no wonder you got screwed over by Activision, and why EA did it again, and you don't need to be leading any company at all. If you don't know what's going on within your own company how on earth are you going to run a successful business. That's [email protected]#$ing up your money.

Getting back to gamers if it's that big of a deal for you then you have 4 options.

Cheapest to most expensive.

1. Buy GTX 750 Ti GPU and stick put it in a any desktop PC you have, and play TitanFall, 1080p @ 60fps ($150)

2. Buy an Xbox 360 + XBLG ($240 4GB / $310 for 250GB + Halo 4 + Tomb Raider), download the games for gold for the next year on the console, and play TitanFall, although it might be 600p - 720p @ 30 - 60fps.

3. Buy a XBO TitanFall Bundle ($500)

4. Buy a gaming PC ($400 - $600)

The PC options are the best for you if you're a PS gamer. The PS4 / XBO will have 90% of the same library, and you might as well get a PC and get the games cheaper on Steam. As I said buying a 750 Ti basically turns any desktop you have laying around into an XBO for $150 (depending on the CPU and RAM). Upgrade your RAM to the max and fastest memory your desktop can handle if it's really old.

LexHazard792663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I like how you say gaming PC $400-$500 but does that include monitor, keyboard and mouse, OS and anything else your gonne need for system. Not bashing PC as Im gonna be doing my first build and ive been doing my research. But let be real its more like $800-$1000. My build is gonna cost me $2,257.67. But thats because im building a rig for video editing, music producing and some gaming but still gaurantees me ultimate experience!

Btw- yeah that 750ti is good card for low budget gamer for sure!

MRMagoo1232663d ago

actually BakPAin i have just built my son a pc that can run titanfall on mid range settings for $450 in Australia which is even cheaper in the US and he got a monitor and keyboard/mouse, the screen was only $40 and the K/M came free, i already have windows and can easily get it for free of the internet if needed anyway.

8gigs of corsair ddr3, a gtx 550 and 1 tb hdd . along with an amd phenom 2 black edition cpu. cheap as chips.

ABizzel12663d ago


If you want to use the monitor excuse then you need to buy an HDTV to play a console on.

You can still hook your PC up to your HDTV as well. A Keyboard / Mouse is dirt cheap. And You can download SteamOS free, Linux free, and you can find Windows 8 disc on ebay for $30 - $40.

I've been building several $600 gaming PC's that outperform the XBO for the last couple of months, and you can build an APU gaming PC for $400, which is why I put that range.

You've been doing research? I've been building for the last 4 years, you're out of your element here.

And spending over $2,000 for Video and Music editing with a bit of gaming proves you know nothing about performance. For editing your CPU is the most important thing, and a i7 4770k is more than enough for the VAST majority of editing. You need to reevaluate your knowledge and your budget, because you don't know what you're talking about and you don't know how to properly budget for a gaming PC.

I should know I'm an AV Engineer already, and all it takes is $1,000 - $1,200 to build a great editing PC, with a great GPU tossed in.

saint_seya2663d ago

I dont know why you would say that.. i had the beta key on my origin account, saw the videos of the game, i didnt even care to download it.
I cant say im one of those who isnt interested in playing titan fall at all, i dont like to play with bots, but its just me, then again im a ps fanboy, so your generalization doesnt work at all.
I wont talk for every PS fan, but you cant either.
Its like saying all the MS fanboys are just retarded trolls because you see people like green power, when the truth is a lot of MS fans are cool guys that like games that x-box has and im totally cool with that.

scott1822663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I don't know if the game is good or not, but it's third party, there is no reason why it shouldn't come to the PS4. Microsoft doesn't own them or the ip and people seem to think they do. It's a greedy industry now it would seem.

mo2412663d ago

it's fine for 1st party games to be exclusive, but for 3rd party deals it sucks. It would be awesome on the ps4.

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stuna12663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

If Respawn had sold the ip, they would have been the one's hurt the most by it! Really think about it, how much do you really believe Microsoft paid for the first 1st game!? More than likely the cost was taken from the 1 billion set aside by Microsoft for new ip's/game development.


Now people need proof all of a sudden, when normally they go alone with things that certain entities say without a lick of it being present! But just for you, there are two occasions where Microsoft stated explicitly that they had set aside 1 billion alotted to game development/new ip's. The Xbox1 unveiling and E3.

And although not very specific it has been quite obvious where this billion dollars is being spent! As the saying goes "A leopard can't change its spots".

christocolus2663d ago

"More than likely the cost was taken from the 1 billion set aside by Microsoft for new ip's/game development"

Dude where is the link? Or do you have an inside source?