Top 10 Games That Need to be Localized

gamrReview's Jared Katz: "Japan is best known as the land of the samurai, birthplace of the conveyor belt sushi, a country where used panties can be bought from vending machines, and of course for being the mecca of video games. While one could talk about each of these topics at great length, we're here to talk about video games. Sadly, not all of the best games produced in the country make it over to the West."

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Blastoise2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I agree with all of these and would add Phantasy Star Online 2 and that future Digimon game for Vita

(and SMT IV needs to come to European 3DS' at some point too)

CrimsonAzure2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Sucks to see that games like Type-0 and VC3 didn't get released over here in the states, because they're damn good games.

It's a good thing to see the kind of openness when it comes to the localization of Vita games, they have been very generous lately.

In a perfect world we would see PSO2, God Eater 2(Although I am pretty sure a burst edition of the game is probably being developed and planned on being localized), and J-Stars Victory Vs. Sony pls.

Chrono2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Can't wait for the translation of FF Type-0 to be released, should be soon. I'd love to play Tales of Hearts and the other JP-only games in the series. DQ7 would be a day 1 buy. God Eater 2 should be added to the list too.

SegaGamer2660d ago

Japan seems to be becoming more distand these days and i think it is sad. I love Japanese gaming and the games that they are not localizing is really disappointing.

Delsin_Rowe2660d ago

Hope one day J-Star Victory localize in North America.

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