Titanfall: Enormous Difference in Install Size Between Xbox One and PC Finally Explained

Gamers have been wondering why there's a very large difference in install size between the PC version and the Xbox One version of Titanfall, with Microsoft's new console taking about 20 GB of space (according to Community Manager Abbie Heppe), while the PC version occupies 50 GB on one's hard disk.

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OwnageDC6502653d ago

Why can't I choose only 1 language instead of installing all of them? I'm guessing the installation size is huge on PC because pirates might think twice about downloading such a huge file? I doubt that will stop many pirates.

Daniel_Potter2653d ago

Multiplayer only games are already piracyproof

Allsystemgamer2653d ago

No they're not. Pirates play on private servers.

neoandrew2653d ago


Show me one ea origin game with private servers, for example mass effect 3

U R talking BS...

Allsystemgamer2653d ago


Pirate mass effect 3 via nosteam and it tells you how to play in private servers.

I'm not going to do something for you because you're too ignorant.

Letros2653d ago

Not much point in pirating an online-only game

Ninjamonkey822653d ago

Play on cracked servers -_-.. Not that I'm into them shady deals but it does happen. Hackers will take there hacks there first as well and use them in none pb environments to test them.

Those that do download stuff wait for a repack from the likes off some off the dodgy Russian Piracy nuts.

RG Mechanics is a pretty well known name now he shrinks them file sizes to 24gig by removing them other languages.

But that's piracy for you and I'm not gonna go buying this game but at the same time I'm not gonna go pirate it either.

Prefer to put my money back into games that deserve it just don't think this game does.

FlyingFoxy2653d ago

Have to agree, it's like if someone pirated L4D2 or CS and tried to play onine.. limited to cracked crappy servers with small amounts of ppl. Waste of time. Great MP games deserve to be bought.

Saying that, i see SA-MP mod is still really popular with many players, then again its hard to say how many of those are using a downloaded copy of SA

jebabcock2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Looks like titanfall literally is all talk... on the pc at least.. lol sorry couldn't resist that one...

3-4-52653d ago

Why couldn't they include a language disc with the game or a language patch/download directly from their website, that allowed us to download ONLY the language we need ?

Delive2653d ago

I know it says audio and all, but that seems a bit high. I thought higher textures on pc myself before knowing. I'm sure someone will fine tooth comb it once released.

FamilyGuy2653d ago

How big is this game going to be on 360?
It's only one disc right?

Strange that they would let people choose a language during the installation process. :/

Gamer19822652d ago

Hahaha 35gbs of audio? With modern compression ratios?? I seriously doubt that they could have put in every language in the world and it wouldn't have been an extra 1-2GB. This is obviously the textures that make a huge difference. The PC has a lot bigger textures and the Xbox One doesn't need them as its not even full HD so why include full HD textures?

Another spin from the developers here (which they have been caught out on several times now). They really want to avoid negativity on part of the Xbone version though so they won't admit its textures.

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mcarsehat2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

It's PC, why does it need explaining?
The answer is obvious.

OC_MurphysLaw2653d ago

Yup obvious answer: pc version gives you 35 GB of audio language files...30GB of which you probably will never hear.

mcarsehat2653d ago

PC's are not limited by region so that is obvious.

Are_The_MaDNess2653d ago

as its true that pc is not limited by regions, many other games on Origin make to pick witch language of the game you shall download.
it wouldnt be that hard for them to just make us pick before the download start. or heck even let us download the other language in form of a free DLC download.

Gamer19822652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

your an idiot if you think 35gb is audio only. Games and PCs can easily stream compressed audio flawlessly (wma,mp3 etc) meaning you could fit hundreds of hours of audio into less than 1GB. You checked the size of your mp3 collection vs length? Also if it really was the issue why aren't other European games this HUGE? All; our games come in multiple languages yet are all under 1gb (except on a couple of games but never anything near this number). Xbox fanboys will of course believe this as there no possible way they could release lower res textures on Xbone!!! #sheep

Volkama2653d ago

Titanfall just talked it's way off of my SSD. In several languages.

elsuperamigo2653d ago

Cuz in pc is real next gen (1080p) while on xbox is last gen (720p) and no I'm not jealous of the game not been on my ps4 i don't like fps games i like more variety in my games :-)

creatchee2653d ago

You did read the article where it details that the difference is due to an enormous amount of sound files, right?

pompombrum2653d ago

35GB of audio? That's INSANE! Even if the audio was lossless, that's still ridiculous even if there is seven different languages.

ThanatosDMC2653d ago

I call shenanigans and BS. No way audio would take that much space.

Allsystemgamer2653d ago

Working in protools, making a 3 minute trailer became 5gb. That's just audio.

AndrewLB2652d ago

I agree. Even if the audio was all in DSD format, it would not be that huge.

The facts are simple. Xbone is like 800p while PC is not only 1080p, but also has 4k textures. That would equate to quite a size difference.

Gamer19822652d ago

Exactly mate its BS and a cover up as its no doubt textures but the flack they would get for admitting that would be unreal. They think the PC community is dumb and couldn't figure this out..

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