PlayStation's software boss and the creator of the Move together in new GDC talk

Gamasutra :

"Game Developers Conference has just confirmed a vendor session from Sony Computer Entertainment America that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

The session, titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment,” is hosted by SCEA R&D’s director Richard Marks and senior software engineer Anton Mikhailov. They’ll be accompanied by Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios."

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dcj05242661d ago

If it's VR it MUST be below $250.

HeartlessGamer2661d ago

I'm more excited for Marl Crenny tramslating the Shenmue postmortem talk

S2Killinit2661d ago

Im really hopeful but im also not going to get my hopes up.

chrisarsenalsavart2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Who,s marl crenny?
Is he marl Boro little brother?

HeartlessGamer2661d ago

Ops I meant Mark Cerny idk how that happened

S2Killinit2661d ago

VR is going to be awesome

stuna12661d ago

What I would like to see and hear is that the Move will be used in more 3rd party games as well as 1st party games! The move implementation in Killzone 3 was actually good and it worked. Also VR support is welcomed, but only if the motion sickness kink has been ironed out, that in itself will prevent mass adoption of VR.

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