Assassin’s Creed 5: Ubisoft’s Precarious Step Ahead

"Assassin’s Creed games have always attracted a multitude of people and the debate surrounding all of the series’ games have been quite controversial and fervently participated in."

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Dspdspes2654d ago

I, for one, I'm really tired of this franchise. End it already and move on!

Just my opinion ;)

Bron2653d ago

That is your point, but I like it, was and will be an awesome part of the world's most played and loved franchise.

My opinion :D.

Dspdspes2653d ago

Thanks for being polite. It is so strange nowadays.....

Dspdspes2653d ago

BTW, what I really would like to see is something fresh and new (say a futuristic sandbox or something like that), not "more of the same" but then again, just a thought :D

assasinscreedboy132652d ago

BTW i think you should die ha

assasinscreedboy132652d ago

Oi you dspdspes ya mug. you dunnoe geeze wot u cussing AC franchise ting for. its for badmen like me and ma home boys T Dog and Big D.

lowe your hype.

safe x