Wii console manual reveals its secrets

The guys at Joystiq has studied the 69 page "systems and settings" manual that came with the Wii (not to be confused with the 105-page, trilingual "system setup" manual that's also included). Here are some of the odd and/or interesting things they noticed:

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BIadestarX4450d ago

Again, I am posting this Directly from and before any Fanboy come an accuse me of anything I would like to say that. Also, most likely this article will not be approved (it is wii after all), but I think it is interesting so I posted. Sad that I have to cover my a** before posting anything...

kmis874450d ago

I don't see how anyone could get mad over this though. They took it straight from a manual. Hopefully no one gets mad at you for no reason this time.

PS360WII4449d ago

They say one thing and apply it another way. I didn't get the mp3 thing. They said more on this later but I never got to the later?

HRP4449d ago

ZOMG the Wii isn't the ultimate console ever, let's whine and moan over little tiny things that bother us and make a big stink about it on our website.

I don't really have a problem with anything on that list. To some people, the grass is always greener and they'll never be happy.

ChickeyCantor4448d ago

gamers dont even read the manual, so they discover things and wont care about it but when its put on the internet its crap.

so i agreed with you