Peter Molyneux: My Next Game a 'Significant Scientific Achievement'

The first Fable, released on the Xbox and PC, was a critical hit that sold 3.5 million units worldwide. It's the sort of success that many developers would have been delighted with. "But I'm essentially a very greedy person," Molyneux says. "I was disappointed with how the game was received."

Molyneux blames himself for the game not doing better: "I did an awful job of promoting the game. I would talk to journalists about the things I wanted to do, the stuff that was exciting me in design terms, and I ended up disappointing them."

That rings true. Game journos adore Molyneux because his enthusiasm is so palpable, and he'll get so carried away that he talks to them about incredibly ambitious features he's not yet implemented in the game. Then, when he has to retreat from that, the same journos tend to downplay the very real innovations in his games, and rake him over the coals for whatever he wasn't able to pull off.

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BilI Gates5427d ago

He says that about all of his mediocre games.

iceice1235427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Are you sh!tting me? How about you take a look at games he has produced before making such an idiotic comment.

Black and White-Avg rating of 89%
Fable- rating 85%
Fable:lost chapters: 83%
The Movies- 84%

If you consider his games to be "mediocre" than you just don't enjoy gaming at all and should quit.

LastDance5427d ago

icewake ...the movies is 1 of the best games ever!!!!! haha...I wish theyd make movies2.

ajeben8095427d ago

u just insulted the whole xbox community using less than 10 words...Its a scientific acheivement!

Superfragilistic5426d ago

I have no idea how anybody who claims to be a gamer could post something that shows such ignorance of one of history's most important game designers.

This guy is a living legend, god of the god game (lol) and was designing before many of us were ever conceived ourselves. And whilst he has the tendency to over speak, the greatest irony is that even if you begrudge him for that his games still tend to be far ahead of their time and competition!

As a bit of a primer for the ignorant this is the man behind the following:

* Populous
* Syndicate
* Theme Park
* Magic Carpet
* Dungeon Keeper
* Black & White
* Fable
* The Movies
* Black & White 2
* Fable 2
* "Dimitri Project"

And I can confidently assert that Dimitri will be on the cover of Wired, and dare I say it... Time.

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g3nkie5427d ago

lol..... This guys just needs to stop talking...

StrboyM5427d ago

I think hes a wonderful and very ingenious man. his ideas arent always accomplished due to the scope of them, but you cant blame him for dreaming. my only gripe is that this game will be excellent and i may be forced to purchase a 360 to play it. (but i dont want to own the system to play one game) dilemma ;(

Xi5427d ago

If he was CEO of EA he'd make sure the games were always a significant improvment over its older titles.

madness5427d ago

so you want to play one game every 10+ years?

Xi5427d ago

then play the same game every year for ten years with a new number behind the name. *cough* madden *cough*

OC Shock Value5427d ago

I actually appreciate people like this guy. He seems like he is really happy and has a great imagination towards his own work. Hes the kind of guy that tries all these different things just to make us gamers happy. Im not saying that hes a perfectionist as hardcore as kojima, but the drive is there. Even tho he runs his mouth just alittle too much at times. I can tell he really just wants to make great games.

I dont know about most of you guys but i really liked the original fable. THO he didnt come thru with all of his promisis it was still a pretty good game. It was no Oblivion or anything but i had fun with it. If technology ever catches up with his imagination. we will have a great game on our hands

BIoodmask5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

And Fable 2 looks really impressive. LOL @ post 1 of course you don't like Molyneux, because he is part of Microsoft Games Studios. So naturally you can't say anything nice about him.

I saw the the latest trailer from gamers day and was really impressed.

Here is an older trailer..

And I'm sure that his new game will be something creative. New IPs are always a good thing.

OC Shock Value5427d ago

I am glad that there are others that appreciate crazy game developers like peter. If there were only more of them

g3nkie5427d ago

My opinion had nothing to do with the fact that he is part of Microsoft Game Studios. This guy has been putting his foot in his mouth ever since talk about the original Black & White. This guy hypes his games worse than any other developer out their. Hes not even finished with Fable 2 and hes already talking about how is "next" game is going to be a "Significant Scientific Achievement".....blah. He just needs to make the game and let the people do the talking...

power of Green 5427d ago

"My opinion had nothing to do with the fact that he is part of Microsoft Game Studios"

Don't believe you I think it has everything to do with it.

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thenickel5427d ago

He was responding to post 1 the everyday troll and not post 2 your comment. Did you just make a mistake and post under your second account Bill Gates lol.

Tmac5426d ago

If only Peter actually delivered on his promises that would be great.

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