Is the Xbox One in trouble?

Roughly three months after the Xbox One hit stores, its price was cut.

On February 24, Microsoft lowered the retail price of its next generation console in the UK from £429.99 to £399.99, the equivalent of a $50 price cut in the U.S. At the same time, the company unveiled an upcoming Titanfall bundle in both regions, which includes a copy of the system's most anticipated game at no additional charge.

The bundling of such a big game raised some eyebrows, but the UK cut really set gaming forums ablaze. Was Microsoft acknowledging weakness in Xbox One sales? Was it "pulling a Nintendo" to remain competitive? Was the company throwing in the towel?

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jaredhart1686d ago

No doubt MS is feeling the heat with the success of the PS4.

Angels37851686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

They definitely are.....especially after the japan launch.

Competing with Sony in Japan is like the Republicans trying to beat the Democrats in California during a presidential election......

chrismichaels041686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Its way too soon to say anyone is in trouble. However, MS already offering price reductions on the Xone and giving away their biggest "system seller" bundled for free is definitely showing some small signs of desperation by Microsoft to not fall too far behind Sony and the PS4.

PoSTedUP1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

i mean... i saw a Huge marketing campaign on tv, most stores are promoting it like crazy And giving incentives, and the sales still dropped to WiiU #'s so they had to cut the price and are giving titanfall away for free (lol?). they need that new CEO badly; and to change MS and the X1's Image Quickly, imo.

hulk_bash19871686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I think they're fine. Its only been 4 months since both launched and both are seeing some healthy sales. The PS4 is of course seeing the better of the two, but the Xbox One is far from being dead.

justhinx1686d ago

I agree with that. I heard PS4 is a must have. I have PS3 now and am loving it, but since PS4 would be bigger in memory then I'll go with it than Xbox One. Sorry guys, just my opinion!

Blaze9291686d ago

in trouble in terms of what and to who? Internet fanboys?

Hicken1685d ago

In trouble in terms of this thing we call the console war, and in the eyes of people who AREN'T blind Microsoft fanboys.

Their sales would normally be pretty good... Except we've seen another console do exactly what the XB1 did- start off strong and then drop off steeply- very recently, and that console isn't doing very well. Oh, and the frontrunner is leaving the XB1 in the dust. Moral victories are nice, but I guarantee you Microsoft and their investors are not happy with being outsold at the rate the PS4 is currently beating them by.

Only internet fanboys deny this truth.

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GamersHeaven1686d ago

Yes price cut had little affect in Europe PS4 is running a train on the competition this is with out any big releases this should be very concerning to Microsoft.

MASTER_RAIDEN1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Absolutely not. The ps4 is womping on the competition by comparison, but xbone sales are also incredibly impressive. Both have had massive outings and have had have enjoyed several months of strong sales so far.

Whiskeyjacked871686d ago

Of course the launches were huge with all the fanboys getting on their trains early but now with the dust settled, clearly Xbox is slumping while the PS4 train keeps chugging along. You can only keep the launches in the sales equation for so long. Soon the launch sales will only be a fraction of total sales.

Longshot281686d ago

No Idea why anyone would disagree, this is a fact.

n4rc1686d ago

Lol.. What fact? Do you guys need to look up the definition of the word?

Ms has not updated sales figures at all this year.. None of you have any clue what they sold.. None

And I swear I'm blocking anyone that posts made up bs from VG charts.. Lol

MasterCornholio1686d ago

Wow so you believe that Microsoft sold more than Sony.

Look if Microsoft was ahead they would be bragging about the sale numbers but since they aren't they are behind Sony. This is just something that Xbox fans have to accept.

AceBlazer131686d ago

Vgchartz seem to be in the ballpark as of late. But maybe those numbers aren't wat you'd like to see.

crazysammy1686d ago

I think earlier when someone said feeling the heat is the best way to describe it. They are not in trouble, but they know they have a lot of ground to make up and they stumbled out of the gate compared to the PS4. They will turn it around though. Last gen the roles were reversed and it came down to a very close amount of systems sold. I see this generation ending very similarly.

HeWhoWalks1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Nope. Unlike last gen, Sony is the dominant force in EU out of the gate, and with Japan being an easy win for the PS4, the only battleground will be the US.

Last gen, the PS3 caught up because it had more worldwide appeal. That won't happen for the X1.

n4rc1686d ago

Ya.. Being the cheapest bluray player for a few years probably didn't help that. Lol

MysticStrummer1686d ago

@n4rc - Wow. That was true for only a small part of the generation. I'd say nice try at justification but it really wasn't.

n4rc1686d ago

That's why I said a few years..

And you can argue it if you want, but bluray was a massive selling feature to people with no interest in PlayStation otherwise..

MysticStrummer1686d ago

I'm not arguing that it wasn't the cheaper bluray player for awhile, but even after that wasn't true anymore it still outsold 360.

You seem to be using that point to argue with what HeWhoWalks said about worldwide appeal, but he's clearly right judging from the votes people cast with their wallets, this gen and last.

Silly Mammo1685d ago

n4rc- so what if people bought it for the blu-ray? It got the units to sell. Would you be making the same point, if X1 was outselling the PS4 because of the kinect and the TV watching features?

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jaredhart1685d ago

I don't see this generation ending in a similar fashion to last one. MS is falling far behind in most of the world. The US is the only place it is close. I think MS still has a chance in the US, but not the rest of the world.

Longshot281686d ago

No it isn't in trouble, but I don't think it is a run away success like they suspected it to be.