The Daily Five: PS4 Features That Are Still Missing

"It was a little over a year ago that Sony first announced the PlayStation 4, and just about three months since its historic release. Our time with the console has been largely great (and sometimes not so much), but it feels like a few things are missing." - Joe Garcia

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BitbyDeath2182d ago

I agree with 1,4 & 5.
The others I don't really care for.
Do want some MP3/MP4/AVI/JPG/PNG support though.

Joey_Leone2182d ago

MP3 and DLNA support is all i need, the rest is just a bonus.

XanderZane2182d ago

We know there are still features missing from PS4. Save goes with the XB1. When is Sony going to fix the save file corruption issue? Fix the problem with the system deleting full games off the PS4. What a mess.

KingDadXVI2182d ago

I did not know that the file corruption problem was still an issue.

As far as live streaming to Twitch goes they need to get the resolution up to HD quality. 540p is not that great. Archiving to Twitch and uploading your live stream to YouTube need to be added but it needs to be in HD.

keabrown792182d ago

The thing I want the most.... is the ability to change my PSN ID

snarls2002182d ago

how many online services actually allow u to change ur id.

NovusTerminus2182d ago

All I want is Youtube Uploading / Exporting saved gameplay to PC's, and when you record headset audio you can record the entire parties chat instead of just yours.

LOGICWINS2182d ago

I just want the Youtube app and media server functionality.

elninels2182d ago

Yes! Where is the YouTube app?!?!?

Thehyph2182d ago

If you didn't know, in the ps4 browser is the same as the ps3 app. Videos remain running in the background, too.

But a dedicated app would be even better.

elninels2181d ago

First off thanks for the info.

I have tried and I feel like it is not as quick as the dedicated ps3 app.

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The story is too old to be commented.