GameFly To Start Renting Movies Alongside Games

Angie Santiago writes: "GameFly is currently in the “beta” stages of renting out movies alongside their games. The service will begin shipping movies by April 4, but members can start adding desired movies to their GameQ immediately. They are allowing the rentals of both DVD and Blu-Ray movies and, once you have an open slot, the movies will be sent along with your games come April."

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JustPlay42182d ago

Kinda weird, but cool, should sign up just to try it

Lubu2182d ago

The turn around is nowhere near as good as Netflix. For me, Gamefly's value is its game rentals. I've saved $100s by renting games through gamefly rather than buying games, beating them, then trading them in.
I usually have to mail back a game on Wednesday, in order for them to have it in time to send me a new release the following Tuesday.

SoulMix2182d ago

Takes them 1-2 weeks to get me a new game on my list. Save your money to do netflix or redbox instead.

Yahdaree2182d ago

Do you guys think this has anything to do with the PS Now service?

maniacmayhem2182d ago

I think it has something to do. Gamefly knows the digital age is approaching soon, its time they started to venture off into some other areas before its too late.
I love Gamefly and it would be cool if they offered some sort of streaming service on consoles. But I seriously 100% doubt they could ever pull that off.

Ghost_Nappa2182d ago

I live near pittsburg so it never takes more than 4 days to get a game and i always get new releases

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