Gamefly: The Pros and Cons you should know first

Have you ever watched movies on Netflix and wished there was a similar streaming service available for playing games as well? GameFly aims to make this wish a reality

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porkChop2069d ago

Gamefly and similar services are far too expensive to really be worth it. Looked into it a while back and couldn't justify the price considering what you get and the limitations.

ABizzel12068d ago

Completely disagree.

For less than the price of a brand new game (even if you use gamer's club with BB), you can rent 4 games from GameFly for that same period of time. It's an amazing way to provide a large pool of games to both low income gamers, and gaming families, where they can't afford $60 games consistently or for everyone.

A family of 4 can legitimately set up their account so each person has 1 game per month to play, trade in their games and start with the new one. Or a single gamer can rent 2 games at a time and complete one, send it back, start one the one, send it back after 2 week, and never be without a game.

You can also buy can keep the games at heavily discounted prices (although I prefer most people to just buy the game on Black Friday so the devs are still getting financial support by restocking stores).

The only downsides to Gamefly is not having enough personal time to game and having all the games at once, and the limited availability of new games when they launch. If you missed something by a month, or you're not sure about a specific game, Gamefly is the best of those services hands down.

2068d ago
Gaming_Cousin2068d ago

Gamefly expensive? Did you expect them to mail you $1,000 at the end of the year or something?

jukins2068d ago

hmm I buy the 3 month gift certificate for 2 games out for $33. Then I can add additional games for $7 per game . Over a 3 month period thats equals up to the price of one new game. I get new releases 1 day after retail. Honestly gamely is the way I play most of my games rarely buy games anymore

TheGamez1002068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Its a good service depending how you are with games. Being an ex-subscriber, I received an email on a $1 offer for 2 games our for a month which was awesome. Its great for playing games you arent too sure about buying or just want to play the singleplayer. What I really dont like is that the wait for a game being sent out and the shipments can take awhile which take up your days but of course thats expected of a service like this.

GuruStarr782068d ago

Gamefly is overall a great service in my opinion. I get my games relatively quick and they usually have what I want in stock. As a long time member (off and on) I figured out how to get games a day or two after they launch.

If you put a game in your Q at #1 that you really want before it comes out and you have an open rental spot, you can pretty much get that game every time.

Lately I've gotten Nier: Automata, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Yakuza 0 and Gravity Rush 2 all within a few days of their release.

I'd much rather rent a game I'm unsure about before I buy, been doing this since the late '80's and it's saved me tons of money over the years.

That one guy 862067d ago

Was a member off and on since 2009. Overall, the service is great, but it has limitations. For me, if they shipped a game on Monday, I wouldn't see it until Thursday. Sometimes there was issues and it would take longer. If you don't have an open Q for new release games, you won't see that game for a while. It also, changed the way I approached games. I found myself always rushing games to beat them. This way I could return it for another asap. Now a days I only have limited time to game, so I discontinued the service. What I'm doing now, is waiting for sales on games and then buying them.

XXanderXX2067d ago

I like gamefly , haven't given thier streaming a try yet . Only issue I have is they closed the distribution center in my area so now the wait is longer than before . Aside from that it's very cool.