Have third party publishers finally given up on Wii U?

Wii U Daily: "Nintendo has been struggling to get major third party publishers and developers on board the Wii U train. With the exception of Ubisoft, no other major publisher has supported the Wii U with their latest and greatest games."

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DryBoneKoopa852183d ago

This should be Nintendo's FIRST stop to fixing the road for the Wii U. There needs to be a change in marketing and there needs to be some sort of bonus incentive to buying third party games on the Wii U. Granted I know third party has also done its fair share of screwing Nintendo with sloppy ports, lack of planned DLC, or late releases like Watch Dogs being delayed till later this year.

Some sort of talk and sit down needs to happen with third party. A bridge needs to be rebuilt so other developers can cross over and find the Nintendo hardware appealing.

I would also like to state not ALL third party has abandoned Nintendo. Traveler Tales, Ubisoft, Activision, Sega, and a few others are still bringing games to the console this year.

Nintendo also has strong support from Indie Developers. Just because one game failed on there doesn't mean all Indie developers are having the same misfortune.

Rustynail2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

No they need to fire Reggie first and foremost, he's a deluded jerk, thinking that Wii U will be like the 3DS, he thinks that third parties will just arrive automatically and people will just automatically wake up, rush out and buy a freaking Wii U because Mario Kart will be out. He's the one responsible for all the dead third party support and flop sales in the west.

darthv722183d ago

Seeing as the unit isnt selling in you want to blame Reggie for that too?

the reason sales are down is appeal. the system has 'some' appealing software but just not enough. the trouble with appeal is it isnt limited to one type of gamer. Each person finds appeal in games differently and the old days of nintendo have been long gone.

From an objective POV the system is quite good. but there are too many who are focused on the in thing of resolution and frames that they are missing out on the good fun games around them, even if those games are on the wii-u.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2183d ago

uh Reggie doesn't make decision for Nintendo. Iwata and Miyamoto does.

Reggie is only in charge of America.

If western publishers doesn't want to support oh well. Nintendo of America is just gonna allow more indies and small studios shine.

zeal0us2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

The blame for poor third party support is Nintendo's fault as a whole. It's not something that can be solely blamed on one person. Multiple developers recited how Nintendo didn't bother reaching out them like Sony and Microsoft.
You can't make an console then expect developers magically make games for you. This type of method died during previous generation.

AJBACK2FRAG2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Actually throughout video game history the least powerful and least expensive home video game console always, always, always wins it's generation. Every time. I'm not sure if the anti Nintendo media or Sony fanboys understand but on may 30 Nintendo's gonna drop the bomb Mario Kart 8 is going to put Nintendo BACK in the kicking Sony's ass business. So far this generation all Nintendo first part software releases have looked extremely good controlled well to very well and have been extremely fun to play with no patches required and have utilized a broad band connection in interesting ways. Except for multiplayer. It's cool that the month after MK 8 releases it's straight into e3! I wonder if Nintendo will show Zelda U or Miyamoto's secret game or a new Metroid! It's funny to think by May 31 there could be five million new Miiverse residents. Can't wait!

This morning my boss told me Microsoft was going to stop production of the Xbox 360! I must've looked pretty surprised, I thought he said Xbox One! Poor old Microsoft from second place to last place. That's not very good. How do you spin that? I wonder why the negamedia isn't writing stupid stories about the Xbone's doom? Lol! I know! Late!!!!!

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ZainreFang2183d ago

Third parties will never support Wii U. This problem started a looong time ago. As soon as third parties saw a better platform for their games than Nintendo's (Playstation), they jumped ship. Heck even in the NES/SNES days Nintendo's policies severely limited third parties.

The third party audience for Nintendo consoles slowly died when they jumped to Sony/Microsoft, and now there aren't many third party fans left on Nintendo consoles. So despite Nintendo getting rid of their slanted policies, the third party audience on Nintendo consoles is mostly gone at this point from previously inflicted damage.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

uh no.
Nintendo Seal of Quality was to prevent BROKEN games
on their platforms.

The problem was
N64 not having CD.
FFVII was N64 before PS1
Cartridges were expensives

GC problem was MiniDVD and not fully online support though it had online.
Nintendo Optical Disc 1.5GB

Both N64 and GC were powerhouse hardware.

With Wii Nintendo wanted to bring more people into gaming so they introduce Motion Controls on whole new level.

Nintendo has the most Third Parties as a whole because of handheld.

mcstorm2183d ago

Tbh I am getting less and less interested in 3rd party games on all platforms. I own a Wiiu and Xbox one and the only 3rd party game I now own is bf4. For me I'm more excited in the exclusives that are coming to all 3 consoles as well as the 3ds. For me 3rd party has started to lose its way in yoy releases in terms of cod, bf, FIFA, nfs etc. I want to see new IP's or IP's have 2 to 3 years off.

I know alot of people buy 3rd party games but I noticed last gen how many great games I was missing out on when getting the next release of a yoy game and also noticing I did not like the yoy games as much too. For me its the 3rd party studios that need o change not Nintendo.

Benjaminkno2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

And an increase in WiiU sales with the release of MK8 and Smash will not convince 3rd party devs to take more risks. Nintendo should just accept that if their console presence is to survive, they will have to go it alone, as the Nintendo fanbase is conditioned to rely on Nintendo software. Nintendo was slow in appealing to kids and families, which caused the bulk of them to gravitate towards tablets and iPads. With a reputation of limited online function, limited media function, lack of mature games, and dragging their feet on changing times, Nintendo in the awkward position of continuing to cater to themselves instead of their consumers. This was never a winning strategy.

Nintendo will have to put out as much software as they can to fill the vacuum and hope for the best.

I'm loving WiiU right now, but it's not looking good for the 3rd party games I want to play on the Gamepad.

Watchdogs may be as good as it gets, so I see it as the canary in the coal mine.
If Watchdogs on WiiU doesn't do well, then yeah, it's over. Seems all but certain.

Concertoine2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Half true. Nintendo fans arent conditioned to only buy nintendo software. just like any other fanbase, they just want good games. 3rd parties, for the most part, are convinced they cannot sell on nintendo platforms and thus put forth little effort compared to other platforms. There are thosr that do see success. Suda51 for example has seen more success on nintendo platforms. The Fatal Frame series has sold better (in the regions they released in lol) on nintendo platforms, even with the first 3 being on a system with a much larger install base. Monster hunter sells well. Bravely Default and the Prof. Layton series saw massive success because they were good games.
But i do agree that 3rd parties are basically dead on wii u. That is NOT in any way the fault of the fanbase however. If nintendo wants a 3rd party game, they'll have to buy it. Which i would commend them for, MS did the same and it made the 360 a huge hit and also let companies like Capcom know former PS exclusives like DMC could not only sell on xbox, but sometimes rival the competitor.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2183d ago

Exactly we Nintendo fans buy quality games. We know when we see it. Most which are Nintendo and exclusive third parties games.

Hardtarget2183d ago

We can only hope for the best!

DivineAssault 2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

we will see.. If mario kart & smash dont help them move systems much, its probably over.. Bayo 2 isnt going to move units very much & sonic didnt do anything for them so theres no telling.. Im happy with mine tho some support would be nice.. I bought it for 1st party games to begin with because there hasnt been any other 3rd party heavy hitters on nintendo consoles for decades.. Handhelds is another story

link2Dpast2183d ago

Alot of poeple may disagree but i belive a big amount of wieght is on mario karts shoulders, everyone loves and plays that game, unlike smash its aset of fans who would invest in it. Mkart gets gamers and cuasuals, so a lot rides on mario kart no pun intended

Justindark2183d ago

add the fact that mario kart wii players are now forced to jump to the next one with the recent wifi shut down if they want there mk fix there gona wana jump shift

link2Dpast2183d ago

Wow third party is so over rated. People make such a big fuss about this. Third party is basically games on multiple systems, most gamers i imagine have 2 systems, and wiht out a doubt Nintendo is one of them. It would not make sence to have an x1 and ps4 i honestly dont see the logic in that, its like your trying to figure out which identical twin is prettier, same shit.

Im more preoccupied on Nintendo structure of its gaming. Stronger push for their main games to have online multiplayer, for example Nintendo land oozzed mulitplayer and would of been incredible with online play, stuff like that just dumb found me on Nintendo. Also make a trophy system, thier games work perfectly for that type of dedication and play through, example how fast you beat a level in mario ect...simple small stuff like this could go a long way

KevinCubes2183d ago

Not true so basicly I don't want to limit myself to just GOW or Halo so I got both ps4 and xbone along with a Wii U

link2Dpast2183d ago

You still prove my point, you have a wiiU be it ps4 and X1. I guess I should of emphasized not all games but Some. Not everyone is able to have your situation, that's where I based my point, a game usually has a Nintendo system and the comPetitor

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