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We Got This Covered wrote:

I’m going to reveal a little secret about myself here: I suck at Pac-Man. I have never been able to do well when playing as the iconic yellow chomper, whether it be at the arcade or at home. As bad as I am at playing the game, though, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. On the contrary, I actually love playing the Pac-Man games, which is why I was excited to jump into Pac-Man Museum. On paper, it promises to not only bring you the games that matter in the franchise, but also to showcase some of the history of the character. After all, this is a creation that became a pop culture phenomenon back in the 1980s and led to a merchandising empire that included novelty songs and an awful cartoon series. If ever a gaming franchise deserved to have a museum for itself, it can be argued that Pac-Man is that series.

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