Do you Loadout sista?

2 Million first-person shooter fans signed up within two weeks after Loadout opened its joy-puked doors to the world. One can't blame this number on curiosity to meet Helga, the players logged over 9 million hours of play time, making Loadout one of the top five most popular F2P titles on Steam.

Seems Loadout bazooka'd that other free-to-play oddball, Team Fortress, right out the gates of Dustbowl.

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GabeSA2186d ago

Sounds like an option

DesVader2186d ago

This game is certainly receiving a lot of attention. I was hoping that it wasn't going to go the same was as Gotham City imposters - great game but little support - and it doesn't seem to be. I need to add myself to those sign-ups and give it a go, I really enjoyed TF2, so this seems like a must-try.