Thief | PSForever Review

PSF's Lee:

"My name is Garrett and I’m a kleptomaniac”. You’ll spend the vast majority of your time in Thief creeping around in the shadows pocketing expensive silver like a well skilled magpie, and that’s were you’ll have the most fun. Garrett’s pockets are literally bottomless, and there is a mammoth amount of loot to fill them with. He’s got to pay the bills somehow though, right?"

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Knuckle Duster2670d ago

Kleptomania is exactly what sums up most of this game! Kinda fun though!!

Austacker2670d ago

I think 75/100 was still being a bit generous though.

It was buggy, the AI sucks, it was repetitive, on rails for a considerable amount of the game with a weak plot line.

The new voice of Garret I actually didn't mind, but the game itself was entirely forgettable.

starchild2670d ago

I don't agree at all. The AI is just fine. It's just as smart as in any other stealth game and works perfectly well for the gameplay.

I love the atmosphere in this game. It has a certain vibe that I just don't get in any other game. I personally really enjoyed the narrative and it kept me engaged throughout.

Anyway, lots of reviewers gave it 9s and 8s so there are clearly a lot of people that do like it. Most of the user reviews on metacritic and amazon are also pretty positive. I know I'm loving it and that's ultimately all that matters to me.