LittleBigPlanet Sony Gamers' Day 08: Developer Walkthrough Part 2

Behold the power of the randomize button.

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madness5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

ps eye... trophies... awards...

elemental stuff... kits for creating a game... six axis support

marinelife95427d ago

The part where sack boy gets frozen into a block of ice really has me thinking of some great ideas.

Milky5427d ago

I really hope it sells well. The amount of effort they have put in to it is phenomenal and they deserve to be rewarded heavily (not that other developers dont)

NegativeCreepWA5427d ago

Media Molecule = Innovation

Sony just flips the bill.

Its been along time since a game as innovating as Little Big Planet has came out. Game of the year without doubt.

I wonder if you can turn off the freeze effect. Make an ice rink. Then create hockey or table hockey game. The possibilities are endless.

yesah5427d ago

damn just when you thought it couldnt get any better.

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LinuxGuru5428d ago

This game's potential is limitless.

Absolutely astounding.

Lord_Ash5427d ago

I have a feeling I won’t be creating allot of levels seems like it’s time consuming, but I will be playing allot.

Mc Fadge5427d ago

Not as much as me she won't! ^______^

StrboyM5427d ago

Well my 3 year old sister preordered the game for me with her credit card so =P

seriously= this game will rock, unlock my custom costume by completeing 5000 points on my created stage, thats amazing, i hope the allow you to have different prizes to attract people to your level...I cant wait...

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The story is too old to be commented.