LittleBigPlanet Sony Gamers' Day 08: Developer Walkthrough Part 1

More on platforming paradise, and also learn how to add a personal touch to LittleBigPlanet using the PlayStation Eye.

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Ace Ventura5424d ago

Just wow. PS3 has some really kool looking games coming.

This is just special. GOTY!!

gunnerheadboy5424d ago

And the elephant was so cool. This game is just awesome.

jwatt5424d ago

I like to see more developers using the ps Eye. I wonder what's going on with the game eyedentify.

pwnsause5424d ago

ive been waiting for that game for a while, is it even still in development?

PlayStation3605424d ago

but who really knows? Sony hasn't said anything about it for like 3 years. :(

Milky5424d ago

time to get myself a PS Eye.

Condoleezza Rice5424d ago

PSeye on the fly support,I can see people getting really creative with it

Mc Fadge5424d ago

Smells like easier content abuse to me XD

Lord_Ash5424d ago

That’s why they have a team just for evaluating and testing levels so people don’t abuse the game with dirty ideas.

Ali_The_Brit5424d ago

Amazing!!!! the xbox would never have something so spectacular

Blademask5424d ago

im lookin at the killzone footage on the back screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.