Twitch Plays Pokémon Resumes With Pokémon Crystal

Viral sensation Twitch Plays Pokémon has today resumed, with Twitch Chat users already exploring the world of Pokémon Crystal.

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Becuzisaid2182d ago

Watched 3 mins of entering and exiting menus for no reason, turning left and right back and forth. Don't see the appeal of something so stupid.

Baylex2182d ago

I tried watching for a 1 minute.. but I could only watch like 30 seconds... why do people press the start button??

Akuma072182d ago

A lot of people do that to troll the overall community.

This is an awesome social experiment, it is such a shame there are so many morons ruining it.

Akuma072182d ago

The appeal is that this game is being controlled by tens of thousands of people, all at once.

The fact that they finished Red is just amazing.

The reason why it seems so 'stupid' is because the sheer number of morons on there who are trying to derail it.

It is quite a fascinating social experiment, to see which side will win, the trolling morons, or the people actually trying to finish the game.

Baylex2182d ago

Maybe you are right, without those trolls the game would be much more enjoyable