Skate or Die,Turtles in Time, Road Rash, Super GT and Contra: Great Games Remembered

Welcome to this weeks Great Games Remembered!

Each week, we pick five great games that were popular back when gaming was taking off.

Check them out!

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T1Publishing2187d ago

I spent an absolute fortune of my parents money playing Turtles in the arcades, completed it with random strangers jumping on several times - some great childhood memories here!

Yui_Suzumiya2187d ago

Skate or Die .. that takes me back :3

PoSTedUP2187d ago

road rash and contra for sure.

diehardmetallicafan2187d ago

oh man my little bro and i used to hire road rash like once a month

Th3o2187d ago

Turtles in time was prob the biggest game of my childhood! I remember slowly practicing for the hardest difficulty:P

The only thing that was most annoying was when I had to fight with my friends over who will be Raphael lol.

PoSTedUP2187d ago

yeah, one of the biggest for me too. me and my cuz would run through it constantly all the time, must have seen every level- god, idk how many times.

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