Why PS Home would be Awesome on the PlayStation 4

PS4Home: "One of the greatest things about the PS3 was the fact that it offered direct access to PlayStation Home"

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Godmars2902185d ago

And as yet Sony hasn't said anything about PSHome. Whether they'll just patch and port it as is, which could keep things like loading times, or upgrade it to something far faster but wiping out everything ever bought on the old version.

Gozer2185d ago

Home wasn't really all that great. Sounded good on paper, but in practice it was lame. PS4 will be fine without it.

BitbyDeath2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Sony gets asked on a near weekly basis if PSHome is coming to the PS4 so if it were not you would think they would have addressed it already.

I'm still expecting this will get the VR treatment so may end up at GDC.

XisThatKid2185d ago

Home is free and optional with revenue for Sony. I enjoyed Home but With the public.
I'm sure the hate ensues...

mochachino2185d ago

It wouldn't, Home was boring, it would still be boring on PS4.

WeAreLegion2185d ago

If Home were more like the marketplaces in Remember Me, it might work better. I actually like Home, but it needs a lot of work to draw in a larger crowd.

redtideone112185d ago

I really don't see why everyone hates home. it's free and an easy way to meet new people. way better then what Microsoft and Nintendo came up with.

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