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Magus confounds me on every conceivable level. I have no idea how it got made, why it got made, or for that matter who could have possibly thought that anything in the game was a good idea. And yet, I am immeasurably glad that it did get made, because it is a rare example of perfection in action. Everything that a game could possibly get right, Magus gets spectacularly wrong. It is a perfect failure, a gem riddled with flaws so copious and intricate that their gorgeous patterns become the focal point. What’s better, if any of this is intentional, the developers haven’t let on at all. It seems like Aksys and Black Tower Studios genuinely believe that their hilarious belly flop is an elegant swan dive.

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ValKilmer2184d ago

Wow this is like The Room level of bad, I need to play this.

2184d ago
Lord_Sloth2184d ago

I only heard of this last week via GFAQS' coming soon. Guess it sucks pretty badly.

g-0ff2184d ago

That it does, but in the most entertaining way possible. I really hope it ends up as a cult classic.

TheJacksonRGN2184d ago

I disagree, my review is also up from RealGamerNewz if you want another opinion.