DayZ Development Team Doubled

Patches for DayZ have been coming in constantly lately, and their frequency will most likely grow, now that the team has received a significant manpower boost.

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3-4-53309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


They just got done talking to Microsoft right?

ok. Here it goes.

* Microsoft is fronting them money to hurry along the game so they can then put it exclusively (consoles), on XB1 in hopes of getting those fans of that type of game to buy an XB1.

* The Day-Z dev's and microsoft already have a "deal" worked out, where Microsoft helps them complete the game so they can port it to XB1, in exchange Day Z dev's can NOT release it on PS4.

That is my guess.

To hire more people, you need more money.

Where did they get that money ? = Microsoft.

Oh_Yeah3309d ago

It's not hard to see this is what's happening. Luckily I have a pc to play it in 1080p 60fps with mods and not being locked behind a paywall.

PurpHerbison3309d ago

It's definitely an interesting theory. But by the time this "officially" comes out, who will care? Such a long ways off.

bleedsoe9mm3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

or ms is helping them finish the dayz ports faster so they can move on to their next game that will be a xb1 exclusive

papashango3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

ummmm dayz standalone sold 1.5 million by itself with zero dollars spent on a marketing budget. Even if Valve were to take 30% of its cut BIS still made over 20 million on a game in alpha. Not to mention how many more millions the day-z mod pushed Arma 2 sales...

why would they need a cash boost from anybody when the game is paying for itself and then some?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


That sounds like a great plan. I'm all for having this game an X1 exclusive. Now let's use that Kinect sensor for some heartbeat rates for this horror game.

@oh yeah... good for you! You can use that PC to buy TitanFall as well, you know you want to.

Wizard_King3308d ago

lol all that magic MS money you are dribbling about has come from the huge number of sales of ARMA 2 and OA for the mod DayZ to run, then there's the shit load of sales from the DayZ standalone.

Bohemia interactive have become quite rich from DayZ, they don't need any of MS's money to fund DayZ, they are spending their own because they see the massive profits gained from it.

IF DayZ ever comes to console which it won't (XB1 has zero chance of running DayZ at more the 10FPS) Rocket has already said that he doens't do exclusivity deals as he is a primarily PC and mod dev.

Keep dreaming all you want guys, DayZ wont be coming to your consoles, it isn't possible.

I can argue a thousand valid reasons with links proving everything I have to say, but you plebs all hive mind disagree anyway because its negative console news...

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Hellsvacancy3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Hopefully some of them are working on a console version

Pandamobile3309d ago

I don't think that's a good idea, considering the PC version is still so rough. It'll be well over a year before DayZ hits consoles (if it actually does)

Wizard_King3308d ago

More like 5 to 7 years if ever at all.

I think Dean has a console game of his own in the works as well as continuing DayZ development.

MadLad3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

If this comes to console, sacrifices are going to need to be made.
There is a controller option on the PC version and, I can promise you there are too many mechanics at the moment to allow it to play even decently with a controller.

PurpHerbison3307d ago

I can't even imagine close quarters combat with zombies on a controller. It's already so bad with KB/M.

ded10203309d ago

damn how much were they paying dean?

ThanatosDMC3309d ago

He just got bought. Remember when he was against the MS's policies. He did a 180.

Akira20203308d ago

Or a 360............Yeah, I know....I'll keep my day job.

sorane3309d ago

Probably the same amount they are still paying him seeing as he's still in charge of dayz.

dillhole3309d ago

This was the original rumour from last year. I'd be very disappointed if M$ had fronted a bunch of cash for it to now skip the PS4 http://www.escapistmagazine...

Shiken3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Only time will tell, but I honestly don't see MS exclusive DayZ. They would lose a LOT of potential costumers by doing so (more than they would be able to get with the X1) and MS would really have to make a pretty sweet deal, and seeing how DayZ, while nice to have, is in no way a system seller for consoles I don't see MS doing this. What I do see is DayZ already planned for the PS4, and MS helping them along with a port for the X1 as well (most likely timed exclusive since it was already stated that X1 will probably get the game first, but with a PS4 port soon to follow).

I could be wrong, but I will wait for official news before any rash predictions are made.

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