How Onslaught Has Helped Redeem COD: Ghosts For This Gamer

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an article about one frustrated Call of Duty: Ghosts player who became tired of the issue with the multiplay and quit playing. The same player recently played the new DLC Onslaught and has stated that the new content has helped redeem the game for him.

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sdozzo2177d ago

Ghosts is fun with some beers and friends or blow off some steam after work.

Garethvk2177d ago

True. While the issues that bothered me about the game still remain, at least the new DLC has made it easier to endure for me. The new maps encourage more close quarters combat so it has helped cut down on the spawn camping and such. While it remains you can at least deal with it better than on the maps the game shipped with.