Info on Next Call of Duty Emerge from Destination PlayStation: Graphics, Physics, Code Name and More

This week Sony Computer Entertainment held the behind-closed-doors Destination PlayStation event in Scottsdale, Arizona, where publishers showcased their upcoming line-up to representative of retailers.

The event is said to include titles that haven't even been shown to the press, and one of them was the next Call of Duty by Sledgehammer games scheduled for release this fall.

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johndoe112112184d ago

Does anyone still care about this franchise?

venom062184d ago

of course.. there's alot of low expectation "sheeple" out there that are easily pleased with fun little wooden square blocks that are so easy a 10yr can figure them out. All you have to do is change the color on the wooden blocks and name them something different and they're happy for another year. Poor little sheeple.

thekhurg2184d ago

You seem angry that people enjoy this series. Why?

Mikelarry2184d ago

@ both

Should cod take time off yes, should the makers try to improve and innovate the franchise yes on both accounts but to ridicule someone over the types of games they choose to play or franchise they choose to support is just ignorant. You don't like cod great don't support the franchise that's your prerogative some gamers still find enjoyment from it

UncleGermrod2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

i dont get why people get all hot and bothered that people play cod. it may be getting stale, and it may seem like they are just taking advantage (why wouldnt they), but in the end, no other fps can offer the same type of rush, at least not with the same precise action.

I cannot play BF (and i do play BF) and pass the controller around with my friends while we drink some beers. CoD is fun for that. Its just an easy game to grab have some fun. just because other devs/publishers would rather try to copy them, rather than innovate on their own, is no ones fault.

besides, I know i for one can afford to get cod each year and still "splurge" and get other games. anyone saying cod is hurting the industry is very wrong. other franchises can and will flourish, but it is funny how it has taken the actual CoD creator to step up and develop something that can rival it within the online shooter space.

go play what you like, and leave everyone else alone. i say this not as a "cod fanboy", rather as someone who is tired of hearing it from you people all day long.

besides, seems like increasing pressure may actual lead to some degree of change for the franchise.

mediate-this2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Why is it wrong to enjoy call of duty oh great one...? You sound so pretentious... You make me really want to vomit. What games do you play bud? Cause everyone has to play single player only games with zero online capabilities and zero social interaction?

king_george2184d ago

Oh c'mon this cod hate is getting old. You people need to move on. The series is fun. Stop hating

tommygunzII2184d ago

Because of CoD's success other shooters don't stand a chance, which has ruined what used to be a great genre.
I don't hate CoD, I hate it's success. Ten years ago shooters were completely different, the only one that WASN'T tactical was Call of Duty lol. How times have changed.

k3rn3ll2184d ago

Ghosts pissed me off but I've been playing since mw1 ... but for the most part ite the same game year after year. That's why they haven't lost many useds. U know what ur gonna get and u know ur gonna likeit

Lukejrl2183d ago

I think the problem is not that people enjoy the game, it is that so many people play it and publishers believe that there is some secret formula to get that number of gamers for any genre. Which is not possible. They just see the numbers and think that there are that many gamers not buying their gaqme so there must be something wrong with their game and not just that you have a different demographic of people. It is like the NHL saying "we need to get people to like hockey as much as they love baseball. " it is not going to happen people get into the sport because their family friends are into it. it is the same with COD. People started playing it because hey saw their friends playing it and have no real interest in anything else. Not all of them, but a good number. And games like final fantasy are now being dumbed down to appeal to those people. The worst part is that publishers are not learning, continuing to appeal to people who will never care.

The second part is that activision gouges their customers with DLC and no innovation.

Dee_912183d ago

The anger towards the people that still support COD is kind of justified in my book. I mean they are basically pioneers in the horrible business of pre-release DLC, and stupidly expensive DLC. Luckily gamers are showing their disapproval, but some developers and publishers still try to do this.
But still, can't be mad that they still enjoy the game..

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Fz6soldier2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

I love the Treyarch versions, I don't like the iw versions too much. it's not bad, it just needs some updates. fix graphics and connection problems.
or make a game set in a different Era with the same mechanics. maybe Dark ages or far into the future.

king_george2184d ago

Yeah i actually really do like treyarch. They seem like the main ones that are trying new things. Black ops 2 was awesome imo. Still playing it with my friends

ReTarDedFisHy2184d ago

I'm the opposite, I only ever liked CoD 2, CoD4 and MW2.

Shadonic2184d ago

I;m not really a COD fan but I agree Treyarch's the best developers. I borrowed ghost and the idea that it made millions with all of the blatant issues and unbalanced gameplay thats clearly present is crazy. Its been months and i just played it and the spawning problem still isnt fixed.

B-radical2184d ago

This franchide hate it or love it is very important to thid industrie

famoussasjohn2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Probably the competetive community the most. Me personally, nope. I'll still look out for it, but the excitement ended on MW2.

PERK7NS2184d ago

New COD to feature wall running and kill streaks are giant robots/mechs that you can get in!......... im calling it allready, i can just imagine. Lol

DeadlyFire2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


shauzy2184d ago

isnt that titanfall you shit

Garethvk2184d ago

The sales of the game would indicate many do. Some say well it did not sell as well as the last one did. I say most game companies would kill for half the sales of a bad selling Call of Duty Game.

Chaoticmoon2184d ago

I think most people care because the next Call of Duty for all we know could actually revive the series and make it awesome again and for all we know with Sledgehammer in the mix that could happen. Plus with three studios comes three years for a Call of Duty to be worked on instead of two. So wouldn't YOU care if this year's COD came out with awesome graphics, innovative or atleast better gameplay, and new elements to the old formula. Now if this will happen I don't know, but a guy has to be hopeful.

TAURUS-5552184d ago

i love COD.

the dog is probably the smartest idea ever.

mark3214uk2184d ago

i love the campaynes but i no longer play the mp

showtimefolks2184d ago


see its the Minority like you who think their opinions matter more than others, billion dollar IP, there are not many of those around

its a very good FPS,easy to pick up and play and single player is summer blockbuster

now that activision have gone to a 3 years development cycle, i think its a pretty safe bet that more development times means better game overall and more innovation

and that's coming from someone who barely plays COD, but just because i am not into it doesn't means the game sucks. Core gaming community is so small but we think we matter the most

Skizelli2184d ago

I don't hate COD, but I absolutely loathe its community. Just for fun, go find a stream of someone playing COD Ghosts right now. I bet you any money the player will meet most (if not all) of the following criteria:

* Talks really slow.
* Has a limited vocabulary.
* Sounds like he just hit puberty/woke up.
* Calls everyone who kills him a bad player.
* Calls everyone he kills a bad player.
* Thinks everything is gay.
* Puts his K/D on a pedestal.
* Makes fun of everyone's K/D.
* Complains about SMGs.
* Uses a sniper rifle.

The female players aren't as bad. They just make it a point to let you know they're a girl.

yazter2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

* It helps to be comprehensible.
* Well I don't like to ostentatiously vaunt my lexical prowess.
* I'm way past puberty
* No I say they're good and that's how they kill me.
* I think "yay more points for my perks."
* Well *I* am gay and I don't like using that word loosely.
* Not yet
* I don't.
* Only in MW3.
* Rarely, and only to snipe out sniping campers.

EDIT: I agree about the attention whore crowd tho.

Skizelli2183d ago

I've played every COD between COD2 and BO2 pretty extensively, yet I'm nothing like what I described above. There's always an exception to the rule. There's no need to dignify yourself with a response. ;)

mrmarx2183d ago

hopefully not. talk about milking a franchise. smh

ape0072183d ago

yep i do care, ghosts sold 1.8 million on PS4 and 1.6 million on X1, even though the game sucked(worst Cod ever), the numbers are phenomenal

CoD haters....go home

yazter2183d ago

Yes, anyone who clicked on this link.

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Intentions2184d ago

Interesting...wonder how good it will look then.

But then again thats what they say with every CoD game so far, but seeing as ps4 and xbox one has been out for a while now devs should be getting use to them :)

BX812184d ago

You know what's funny though? Pretty much every cod has looked better than the last. The problem is is so slight that it's not really noticeable if you buy it every year but compare black ops 2 to mw2.

PersonMan2184d ago

Please make it so you can see your feet. It's an immersion killer when my character doesn't cast a shadow or has legs.

Killzone Shadow Fall does it right. I can see my shadow, I have feet and I feel like I have presence in the world.

pedrof932184d ago

Exactly !

I hate when your just a floating camera too !

mhunterjr2184d ago

You know, I've yet to find a fps that solves these problems perfectly.

In killzone, you see your feet and shadow, but the camera position makes it seem like your eyes are in your stomach.

In halo, you see you feet, and the camera is situated in your head, but it looks like your gun is always up an eye level, even when it should be at your hip.

I've found that the best way to stay immersed is to try not to be so picky...but it's very tough to do...

Here's hoping they get it right!

thekhurg2184d ago

In Killzone when you have the gun out, your character is hunched over with the gun aimed, which is why you feel shorter. You can notice this difference in the single player campaign during the sequences where you follow someone with your weapon in a relaxed state. You'll get taller because he stands upright.

It's odd, but I think they got it about as close to correct as they could.

PersonMan2184d ago

Also, Killzone's field of view isn't very wide. When you look in real life you see basically everything below your neck, but the camera is zoomed in more in Killzone so you see from the knees down instead of your whole body.

In Outlast, the field of view is really wide, so when you look down you basically see your entire body.

BX812184d ago

Shadow fall kills the Immersion by horrible sounds and lag.

DC7772184d ago

Fix Ghosts PC first dammit.

DeadlyFire2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Hate to tell you this buddy, but Ghosts was quick ported to PC then ported again to PS4/XB1 with very little effort or vice versa. My advice is don't buy Infinity Ward brand of CoD again. The good team they had work at Respawn now or elsewhere. Only team I know cares about PC cod is Treyarch at the moment. Sledgehammer might, but don't know yet.