Why the Future Doesn’t Look Good for the Xbox One

Alex St-Amour from 3GEM writes: 'Despite the bright colors of Microsoft’s advertising, the grass is definitely not green over on the Xbox One’s side of the fence. The last console to enter the 8th generation race roared out of the gate this past November with an impressive launch, but its momentum has since petered out; now it’s being left behind by its chief competitor, Sony’s PlayStation 4. So why have Microsoft’s fortunes reversed so dramatically, and what have does the future hold for the Xbox One?'

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Axios22181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I always laugh at these articles

Sony provided figures for past console sales to show how the PS4 was outselling all previous gen PS consoles

This Sony did to show that PS4 is selling well

Fact of matter, Sony's figures show X1 also outselling EVERY previous gem PS console.

So unless


were failures, then the X1 is selling very well

The funniest part will be to see what the fanboys say about "recent sales" in March

=4 months (one territory) – March 31st, 1995 – 0.85 million
-10 months – September 30th, 1995 – 1.77 million
-16 months – March 31st, 1996 – 4.26 million
-22 months – September 30th, 1996 – 8.07 million
-28 months – March 31st, 1997 – 13.50 million

Click here to find out more!
1 month (one territory) – March 31st, 2000 – 1.41 million
7 months (one territory) – September 30th, 2000 – 3.52 million
13 months – March 31st, 2001 – 10.61 million
19 months – September 30th, 2001 – 19.58 million
22 months – December 30th, 2001 – 24.99 million

1 month – December 31st, 2006 – 1.7 million
4 months – March 31st, 2007 – 3.5 million
7 months – June 30th, 2007 – 4.2 million
10 months – September 30th, 2007 – 5.5 million
13 months – December 31st, 2007 – 10.4 million

@ Lukas


SONY POSTED the numbers to show how well the pS4 is selling, it also shows how well the X1 is selling

Bignfhooter needs to do some research:

360 outsold PS3 in 2008, 2010 (even), 2011

doolin_dalton2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Yet again you have no FACTUAL rebuttal, so you simply attack Axios2.

His post is 100% accurate, and is a major reason to believe that the future of Xbox One looks good.

Eonjay2181d ago

LOL. These figures mean nothing because the Wii U also had a bigger launch than PS1,PS2 or PS3. These figure are meant to be as barometer for launch performance and nothing else. For example, the PS3 had a bigger 1 month launch than the PS2, and yet the PS2 outsold the PS3 by 70 million units.

Kingthrash3602181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

smh...let it gooooo. please just....-.-
refer to meme above.

BitbyDeath2181d ago

Difference is Xbox sales dropped off a cliff in January and February isn't looking much better.

Who knows what'll happen in March though, will be interesting.

christocolus2181d ago


Nice info. I never actually thought about it that way.

Ontopic: i believe ms will turn things around like sony did with the ps3. They already seem to be going in the right direction and the increasing ps4 numbers will only put more pressure on ms to keep doing all it takes to get more gamers on board and that should be good for fans. Im really looking forward to their E3 conference this year.they need to come out guns blazing and im sure they will.

BigFnHooters2181d ago

"i believe ms will turn things around like sony did with the ps3."

The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 every single year its been on the market including the very first.

So, yeah, LOL...

Majin-vegeta2181d ago

PS3=more expensive stronger hardware

Xbone=Weaker hardware more expensivve

See the difference???

doolin_dalton2181d ago

"i believe ms will turn things around like sony did with the ps3"

That's very likely. After all, it's a marathon, not a sprint as many here want to believe. I believe the future is good for the Xbox One, and I use historical FACTS to support my opinion.

"The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 every single year its been on the market including the very first."

Repeating a lie over and over will not magically make it come true.

scott1822181d ago

Just the fact that a $200 more expensive console outsold the 360 most months tells me they didn't need to turn anything around with the PS3, it even outsells the X1 now.

I don't like these doom and gloom articles though, they are ridiculous, the X1 will be fine.

Muerte24942181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

*Xbox has lost every generation to a Playstation since xbox's existence
*Xbox 360 started with a year of the market to itself
*PS3 was stronger than Xbox 360 but harder to program for
*Sony first party studios showed the power behind PS3
*Microsoft's 1st party portfolio is only a fraction of Sony 1st party
*RROD wasn't covered under warranty until June 2007 (Xbox 360 launched November 25,2005)
*Xbox 360 maintained the price advantage throughout the generation
*Microsoft generally buys exclusives eg(Titanfall,Dead Rising 3, Halo,Gears of War, Ryse) rather than produce them (made by 3rd party studios
*Playstion brand is stronger than the Xbox in video games
*Sony didn't 180 on Bluray even though, at the time, then knew the drives were expensive to produce.
*Microsoft chose not to make HD-DVD drives built into Xbox360 for games, ultimately costing them the format war

In conclusion, Microsoft is not Sony. Sony was able to do what the did because of their brand and their enormous first party studios. Microsoft has neither of those things over Sony or Nintendo for that matter. But nobody can deny the impact that Xbox Live has made on video games, and for that I WILL tip my hat to Microsoft.

Nathaniel_Drake2181d ago

I disagree PS3 always had the world wide appeal. Xbox doesn't and it needs that more than ever with America being taken away

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UncleGermrod2181d ago

Funny, you are stating facts, and people just don't like it. Cheers man

djplonker2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I had 5 different xbox's three red ringed and the other two dont read discs unless you open and close the tray alot (I counted 200 times on gta v at launch) and my friends that had 360's have all replaced atleast one...

You can say that the xbone is selling just aswell as the ps 1 , 2 and 3 but the ps3 was more expensive even with out inflation and back in 1996-2005 gaming was less mainstream and sony had to compete with some of the best consoles of all time (inc ps ps2 of course!) like the n64 or dreamcast no one is going to look back on the xbox the same way unless it is compaired to the death of sega.... atleast thats the way it is heading!




And one is "sold out" the numbers dont lie this generation is already set in stone its just who will be second microsoft or nintendo!

ThePope2181d ago

Set in stone? Haha nothing is set in stone.

Illionaire2181d ago

You want to compare numbers. Look at the recent numbers.

The Xbox One is barely outselling the Wii U and PS Vita worldwide, which are both considered failures. With 20x the advertising budget.

The first consoles are bought by hardcores and fanboys. The Wii U had a great launch. Then had a major drop off, like the Xbox One.

jmc88882181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )


People think Sony and big console players. Well back then Sony was seen as the upstart that might not know what it's doing against the veterans at Sega and Nintendo. So some people waited to see what Nintendo was offering.

This is a big deal because if Joe Blow made cars, would you buy one? I don't know, how good of cars can Joe Blow make and will he be around to service them a few years from now? When a new company enters the market, even if they are named Sony, there is some hesitation early on by not knowing what to expect. You also see this with the OG Xbox. People trusted PS2 brand and knew what it was all about.

PS2 was supply constrained, but it shows you how many people wanted a Playstation 2 to see how fast it grew. 10 million in about the first year. People loved what Playstation offered.

PS3 is a very mixed bag. It debuted at a nosebleed price of $599, but on the flip side, was also a major deal. Why? It depends on who you were. If you were a gamer who had an HDTV and wanted to buy blu-rays it was by FAR the cheapest solution. So some people saw it as nosebleed and others saw it as a deal. The XB1 offers no such proposition. No one sees the XB1 as a great deal.

Blu-ray players went for $849-999 at the same time a PS3 was on shelves for $599. Me personally I had an HDTV and wanted a blu ray player AND a gaming console. Especially after already having a RRoD with my 360 I wanted some redundancy console wise.

So $599 was worth it to me. I was buying a cheap blu-ray player that also happened to be a gaming console with all of what Sony brings. The firmware could also be updated, so in this sense it was the best blu-ray player on the market, since unlike the more expensive blu-ray only players it was internet connected for firmware updates. So you knew the PS3 blu-ray feature would be updated, unlike the $999 super primo ones which wouldn't. Like with 3D support. Those early $1000 blu-ray players never supported them.

If you just wanted a gaming console, then yeah, it was nose bleed high. It just depended on what you were looking at the console for. Sony's arrogance about getting a 2nd job didn't help as well. But people were excited about the exclusive games, the blu-rays, free online, and the potential power of the cell (which was overhyped and hard to use, but unlike ANYTHING the XB1 has, it actually was untapped power, and it was tapped).

Now we'll skip ahead to the XB1. XB1 wasn't supply constrained. We've been seeing how many people want an XB1 because everyone has had a chance to buy one if they want.

Microsoft pissed everyone off 100x more then Sony. I don't care how much outrage Sony caused at the launch of the PS3, the XB1 disaster was a rolling sideshow for months. It's been coming from anyone related to MS that has opened their mouth. From January 2013 until the present it's been one fiasco after another. From rumors of DRM, always on, no trading discs to the performance of various games now. The outright lies of cloud power, that they weren't underpowered, to the denials of all the rumors until they revealed all the rumors to be true, etc, etc.

Microsoft simply can't get good press that isn't shilling for it. This is what you see. Xbox One another disaster. Or Xbox One is the best because of the Cloud, Kinect, etc. It's insane.

jmc88882181d ago

Microsoft doesn't realize how badly it damaged it's image. It's one thing to think so highly of your product you ask people to do something unreasonable to buy your great product. That's one thing.

It's another to give the middle finger to your customer base and claim it's all for their own benefit. Not just once, but about so many things, consistently, for over a year and still are.

It's not even close. People feel betrayed by MS. They feel used. They feel small and unimportant. They know they are being lied to, hearing PR spin, and still getting screwed.

Worse yet when you look at how they are marketing the console, it sure isn't to you. But some person who isn't satisfied with their cable/satellite service and need something else along with Kinect which people tried on the 360 and said...this sucks. Then on top of that, you were forced into this NSA spy device and they barely have any games for it. Everyone knows it's weaker and yet it's all more expensive. They may like XBox live service better, but people REALLY like free games with PS+.

Then when you look out over the horizon, what do you see? Exclusive 1st party games? Nope. You see an almost non-existent 1st party dev list, and some of that is tasked with games you know you'll never buy because they are Kinect based.

Microsoft has so alienated their fanbase, it's going to be near impossible to get them back this generation. There's no blu-ray fallback. There's no Cell to tap. There's no commitment to 1st party devs. Just a commitment to Kinect, which almost no one wants.

All the crazy things they blame on their customers and meanwhile show they haven't learned well enough how pissed off people are with their sycophant comments as if none of the crapstorm ever happened.

Now they can sway alot of people, including myself, if they just do the following. Massively drop the price to $299, which is the point where I start to consider it given it's horrible gaming tech. Then provide content no one else can with 1st party games, ALOT of them. When I can buy Halo 5, and have a choice of about a dozen other exclusives of similar quality, then I will most likely buy one. But I'm also a minority type gamer, the kind that likes to get all the consoles and keep a good PC. Of course I don't expect those exclusives to come out for a few years, so I don't expect to get an XB1 for a few years.

So now let's bring all the way back to those numbers. Your argument weaves through all these areas trying to showcase that the Xbox One can do the same and comeback just based on those launch numbers, with no real context, and it's true Xbox One can eventually become more liked, but unlike the examples you give me, there are major differences of how those numbers played out like they do, and none of them favor XB1 in the slightest.

jmc88882181d ago

People aren't buzzing about the XB1 like they were any of those other consoles. It's a pariah right now. Overpriced. Underpowered. It's a focal point for companies crapping on their fanbase. We're in a depression, and it's going to get worse economically. People are pissed off. They're pissed off in general, let alone at a company that thinks they're stupid. Just about every time Microsoft opens their mouth it makes the people hearing it feel stupid. We average folks know we're being lied to about EVERYTHING. Microsoft added themselves to that list with the way everything has and still is being handled. In a time of US versus THEM, Microsoft has chosen to be THEM. Not good.

These are all reasons people don't want to touch the console. Throw in some NSA revelations, and the fact that Xbox One will receive near universal poorer iterations of every game, and it's not likely it's going to behave like those other consoles showcased.

Most gamers tried the Kinect, and thought it sucked. Everyone knows you shouldn't force this on everyone and make it an option. But Microsoft won't budge, and so this stance reiterates everything Microsoft did wrong early on. Every time someone thinks, why don't they just take out Kinect and lower the reinforces all the DRM, used game, always on stuff.

Far more better consoles have failed for much, much less. Price issues. Game issues. Perception issues. You can't get any worse then that. People see Microsoft's PR people and think a used car guy is trying to sell them a lemon.

At least the PS3 had extra power, free online, and a commitment to 1st party devs.

The XB1 doesn't have the extra power, doesn't have free online, and where are the 1st party devs? We're looking at late 2015 and late 2016 for their two announced heavy hitters of Halo 5 and Gears.

Meanwhile they've had over a year to gauge the reaction to their policies, because yes, once the rumors came out over a year ago now, they were clued in to how all these policies were going to play out from the public's standpoint, and should have ditched all the horrible policies, and start/acquired more devs.

Did they spend this past year creating and buying new devs? Not really. So they aren't even showing their audience that things will get better. How? Where are the devs to deliver outstanding games as a reason to buy the XB1 above all others? They don't exist. The only way the XB1 has better games is if they have games the others don't have. Because if it's on other platforms it's 3rd best behind PC and PS4.

jmc88882181d ago

Finally you have all the whispers of Xbox going away. From the #truthfact that some major investors want Microsoft to ditch it. To the #truthfact that Elop once mentioned that if he was CEO of Microsoft he would consider spinning it off. You see the sales charts, and yes it should have people wondering. Is this why they aren't acquiring more devs?

..and as a sideshow everyone has fresh in their minds a certain console that is also failing hard to sell itself to people, the Wii U. It's natural to project...can this happen to the Xbox One if I buy it? Yes it can. While probably not as bad as long as Microsoft owns the XBox brand, if the price of the XB1 stays high it won't be that much better.

Wii U owners know Nintendo will bring them their 1st party IP's and they are numerous, even if very, very slow out of the gate. What does Microsoft have besides Halo and Gears in the works? Could they even if they wanted to given the lack of devs under their stable? They are looking even SLOWER out of the gate then the Wii U...but at least they have the 3rd party multiplatform games...except they are all lesser performing versions. So it is kind of similar. If you won't buy 3rd party games on the XB1 because you will on a PS4 or PC, or you simply chose an PS4 because you knew this, what do you have on the XB1? Only first and second party games are eligible, and if you compare first party to first party between Nintendo and Microsoft, Nintendo's releases are far more numerous in their first 15 or so months then Microsoft's will be on the XB1.

I don't want Microsoft to fail. I hope they learn a good lesson and come back strong. But I don't see HOW they come back other then massively lowering the price and in a few years, IF they commit to creating/buying devs to pump out games a few years from NOW, I don't see them having a shot. If they indeed do this, I still don't see a great shot. I see them hanging around and perhaps worth buying, but overtake the PS4? No. They've pissed off too many people, the games most people play will never be best on XB1, and as long as Kinect/Price are not decidedly in their favor it will be a massive headwind.

But they can be a behind 2:1 ratio way. Still there. Have it's exclusives. But ONLY if they commit to it being competitive. They are still hanging onto their utopia all-in-one vision, and this E3 we'll see concretely how this generation will go.

Are they acquiring devs behind the scenes quiet like? Do they announce a massive price cut and removing of Kinect? Do they commit as a company to the Xbox brand, from their new CEO that the Xbox One will be supported heavily with new IP and exclusive games through the end of the decade? Proven by early looks at about ten brand new AA or AAA IP's.

Because if E3 doesn't have most or all of these, then Microsoft's Xbox division is in even deeper trouble then it currently is in and instead of comparing the XB1 launch and thinking it will grow like past Sony launches, you'll soon be comparing the XB1 to the sales of failed consoles.

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jmc88882181d ago

I don't care if Sony used the method, it's a faulty one.

Using a total number units sold when those launches were supply constrained as a comparison between launches is not a valid metric.

That said they sold the most and are still supply constrained, so in a sense, the PS4 numbers tend to be a little more valid because they sold more plus were supply constrained. But it is still a faulty comparison. Yeah these other past consoles might have sold more then they did if they had more supply, but only the PS4 and not the XB1 can also say that.

We know the PS4 is up there however because it not only is selling out, but it flipped the market share in Microsoft's top two territories. U.S. and U.K.

Also you have to look at what drove the console sales, and the narrative. I'm not sure how old you are, but I was in high school when Playstation came out. It was like a lightning bolt.

Back in the 90's the cost was very much akin to the $499 of XB1 even though it was at a much lower price point. If you factor in inflation, REAL INFLATION, not the fake government numbers adjusted with hedonics. Then with release after release people just kept lapping them up. But some people held out until they saw what the N64 was offering.

You see Nintendo used to be the hardcore gaming console, which Sega Genesis sort of wrestled away from Nintendo, but not really. More like an even split. But the headstart it had over the SNES played a big role in that. So while a lot liked Playstation, they didn't offer Mario and many people were loyal to Nintendo. But when the N64 debuted, as good as some games were, the Playstation compared favorably.

When the Playstation and N64 went head to head, Playstation had the cheap and easily manufactured disc based games rather then the hella expensive and harder to manufacture cartridge games. Playstation had the cheaper unit, more games, they cost less, and were in plentiful supply. Not to mention the whole mature gaming aspect. N64 had hilariously high priced games that were hard to find.

But still PS1 when it first was released was a new thing, people didn't know what to expect, and it was also a very crowded market. You also had 3D0 and Saturn to contend with along with a strong base that was only 3-4-5 years old of SNES and Genesis userbase.

classic192181d ago

@axios. your point bro?

Chevalier2181d ago

It's also fact that every Xbox console has lost to PS. Wii U had a big launch and where is it now? 46 million 360 were sold in NA and now PS4 with apparently NO games is destroying Xbox One. Is being outsold this early by PS3 good? Please try to spin that too. It is being outsold in every market which is FACT. No numbers you post explain the huge drop in demand. Even if they moved 200,000-300,000 they would be still be over 2 million behind.

Ra30302181d ago

"Yet again you have no FACTUAL rebuttal, so you simply attack Axios2.

His post is 100% accurate, and is a major reason to believe that the future of Xbox One looks good."

Well now.....I have a rebuttal.....IMO what fanboys on both sides are missing is first what some console did10 yrs ago means nothing today. The only thing that matters is and it's not what I think or what you think. The only thing that matters is what's going on inside the Microsoft boardroom. The X1 came out smoking hot the first 6 weeks but since then and we're talking the last 8 week the X1 has been performing less than poorly and that might be an over statement.
The only thing that boardroom cares about is this....."What have you done for ME lately"!
We all know that half or maybe even more than half of the shareholders want to sale at least the X1 hardware division. Why? There's no money in it. Needless to say the X1 gaming division has everything riding on Titanfall and March. They don't need to sell 3 million consoles and even the sales numbers with Sony but they need to sell a lot. And who knows maybe it's already to late and their going to sale the hardware off soon anyway and they want to move as many as possible before they dump it. That boardroom as a whole was never all in on the X1 from the start. All these crazy deals you see now with price cuts, game give always are to get the ball rolling but they are losing lots of money as a trade off to make those offers. Really you could say their throwing money at it hoping to fix the problem and "it" is a bottomless hole. No one knows what will happen but March will be fun to watch.

chrisarsenalsavart2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

2010? And 2011?
In N.A. Only but worldwide in your dreams only

gamer20132181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Don't worry yourself about it. This site is full of insecure, immature and irrational fanboys who are afraid of any positive facts that favor the X1. Time is on Microsoft's side, they have the money and the exclusives so we shall see. Just leave it at that.

Gamer19822180d ago

Only outsold the previous playstations launch day because consoles are more widely bought now and believe it or not there are more people on the earth! Since launch though the numbers have dropped to WiiU numbers in fact even the WiiU launch numbers were amazing (3 million sold in first 2 months) and now people are calling that a failure as after launch month the sales dropped HEAVILY. Thats whats happened with the Xbox One unlike the PS4 which is STILL selling out everywhere..

However its still selling well enough to make a decent profit the only issue is with PS4 running away 3rd partys are gonna choose ps4 for there exclusives as its a safer bet.. Thats when sales are gonna dwindle to a non selling well point.

3-4-52180d ago

-22 months – September 30th, 1996 – 8.07 million
-28 months – March 31st, 1997 – 13.50 million

in 6 months PS1 doubled it's consoles sold.

You really think XB1 is doing that EVER ?

CharlesSwann2180d ago

That is a lot of typing to hide from the truth.

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OSIRUSSS2181d ago

MS investors should just close down the XBOX division! MS should just task efforts to the OS sector.

Saito2181d ago

The future for gaming looks good. Success prevails all!

bennissimo2181d ago

Second best launch of any console, ever.

Yup. Horrible.

The only folks who "win" this console generation are those who purchase both.

Anyone who goes on about how "MS sucks" this and "X1 will fail" that is delusional and will miss out on great games.

That's like saying the PS4 sucks because its launch games sucked and the only decent exclusives it has between now and 2015 are inFAMOUS and indies. Might be true, but it doesn't matter. Because you should own both.

Just like last gen.

Mexxan2181d ago

No this is spot on. Had Ps4 at launch, and picked up an X1 last week. Great games, big smiles....

IG-882181d ago

Second best?
if you're not first you're last!!! :P

I think it has to do with the PS4 doing so well that it is making the Xbox One looks like it is doing worse than it is doing.

I would say that Deep Down and The Order 1886 look like they could be really good IPs that are said to come out this year.

MysticStrummer2181d ago

"The only folks who "win" this console generation are those who purchase both."

Anyone who's happy with their purchase, whether it's one console or all of them, wins.

H0RSE2181d ago

I always found the co0nsole war so utterly pointless. Picking sides based on which platform you play video games on, and slinging insults at the competition? Are we 5?...

iceman062181d ago

I think that you are correct. The future for MS and the Xbox One looks good...just not great yet. The PS4 is killing it, but we all know how fickle a console generation can be. One small step could land either one of these consoles in a heap of trouble.
All in all, I'm just happy to have a choice of where I want to game...whether it be Xbox, PS, both, or Neither. It's good for the overall health of the industry.

jessupj2181d ago

Wouldn't matter if the xbone had the best launch in history, the fact is sales have dramatically decreased.

You think MS would be in panic mode and price cutting their console and giving away their best seller 3 months after launch if they were happy with sales?

You people keep harping on about launch, but it's the sales trend that is infinitely more important.

I know the doom and gloom articles get a bit annoying. Any level headed gamer knows the xbone isn't going anywhere, but I know MS are not happy with the current sales trend.

chrisarsenalsavart2181d ago

Better yet get a ps4 and a WIIU cause most Xbox exclusives usually ends on PlayStation or pc anyway.

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