There May Not be a Future for PlayStation Home on the PS4

Junkie Monkeys: A content creator for PlayStation Home recently discussed with me his worries for the future of PlayStation Home.

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Illionaire3503d ago

I think PS Home would be 10x better and more useful on PS4 because of the more focused social and sharing elements.

mewhy323503d ago

I agree. I think that home would be a great addition to PS4. you could even put some of the shared content on virtual billboards and live content and so forth. I just think that the possibilities are endless for the venue on the PS4.

PoSTedUP3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

i think it would be a killer addition to PSvita. a good way to market more games and just a better way for people to ineract with eachother on the device. i liked ps home.

darthv723503d ago

I always liked the idea of home but its execution was somewhat strange. I would think sony could really make it work on the Ps4 due to the social interaction the system is more capable of producing.

On the Ps3 it wasnt as seamless as it could have been. it made for a great social experiment but one that you had to make the effort to go into to check out new stuff as opposed to having it be part of the xmb by default and all the new stuff there when you signed into your system.

in other words it was detached where if it was integrated it could have done even more. I hope sony doesnt give up on the idea but takes the good parts and evolve them into the ps4 ui experience at some point.

scott1823503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Home was held back by a few things for me, not sure if they have been implemented since.

I always thought it would be cool if your "apartment" and open spaces were interconnected, meaning you don't have to press start and load and area (even though you could quick transport still if you wanted), you just walk to it and the server will calculate what instance you are walking to...

and your friends are with you the whole time, walking in shops in the mall, into the pool hall, whatever you do is done without those ridiculous load sessions.

That would make Home a worthwhile time for me, and it would be much more fun. I still thought it was a cool idea and it was fun, but it was far too limited to spend much time on it. I think it would just take way too much time and resources for Sony to seriously stick with it.

PoSTedUP3503d ago

@darth- i think it would have been an inconvenience for people if it was forced on them bc its not for everyone, theyd prob get pissed off. just imo. tho i didnt fully understand what you meant.

@scott- yeah, no they didnt change the load sceens, would have been better if they didnt have them, but there were so many spaces i think it woukd take too much power to do that. i went on it a lot to talk and meet new ppl, often to play a game of chess or poker. plus check out the new spaces with games. it was a good chill spot imo.

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-EvoAnubis-3503d ago

Agreed. Home was awesome back in the day and I still feel that it's a good concept, but the inherent limitations of the PS3 are constantly holding it back. I think it would really shine on the PS4.

AngelicIceDiamond3503d ago


Yeah I can see that. But with the share button and twitch stream PS Home is almost pointless of sorts when PS4 does all that and more effortlessly. All the social options are just few buttons away while your in game. And Twitch is huge so I'm having a hard time seeing home on PS4.

Unless they build it from the ground up to make it more personal with avatars which is cool but I dunno Sony ultimately wants to develop for it.

GuyThatPlaysGames3503d ago

It was garbage and a waste of time. I hope it never sees the light of day again.

3-4-53503d ago

Sony needs to focus on games the first 3 years, then worry about other things.

nunley333502d ago

I can only imagine how much better PS4 Home will be with it's 8GB ram and it's cloud streaming. It has been held back some buy the aging PS3 tech, people who use it know what i'm talking about. Yeah that plus the game streaming and social aspects makes it seem like it was made for Home, a perfect fit.

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lashes2ashes3503d ago

Home is dead. And had been for years, when it failed to take off Sony stopped almost all push for it. Why would they spend money and resources on it now?

DCfan3503d ago

Its a cash cow for sony, you're obviously trolling.

Blaze9293503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

how is he trolling? Home IS dead and they don't even talk about it anymore. Although the spend money part, they actually earn more through ad space.

But resources, yes - a waste. HOME should have ceased a long time ago imo. It was Phil's vision, and he left.

Almost everything that could have been cool and promised about HOME, was not done - ever. Just one big chat room for no real reason that constantly loaded and updated.

fonger083503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

That was like in 2010.. and if it was a cash cow now, I'm pretty sure they'd be implementing it right away. Not a whole lot of Sony did with PS3 was very profitable... so not sure where you getting that from..

MysticStrummer3503d ago

Every time a Home article comes along we get the "Home flopped" comments. No point in correcting these people. They'll just ignore the facts and do it again on the next article.

I'm guessing they just don't want to take the trouble of converting it, but it would surprise me if they didn't eventually do something similar on PS4.

Hicken3503d ago

He's trolling because Home isn't dead, and hasn't been dead for years.

It makes Sony quite a bit of money, and quite a few people still use it(or did, when I was on it as of last year).

Sony doesn't always need to talk about something for it to be a success. Unlike Microsoft, they don't shout every minor success from the rooftops. Home quietly served its purpose and has remained relevant enough.

Anyway, I thought there was talk last year around launch that Home would not be moving to PS4. In which case, this is hardly news.

BitbyDeath3503d ago

Home has seen more than 31 million users.
If that means it failed then so has just about every game ever made.

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lashes2ashes3503d ago

Actually I'm not trolling. I'm very serious. Yes home has quite a good size following and that does not matter at all, I will be shocked if a version of home ever comes out on ps4, I love rockband and so do millions of people right now that are still playing it.......and it's DEAD. I'm sure home was a money maker for Sony but when was the last time Sony talked about it. Home,move and wonder book were experiments that in the long run did not accomplish what Sony wanted them to do so support was turned off.

nycgamer4ever3502d ago

so cause someone don't brag or talk about something it doesn't exist. ok. Damn IQ is such a scarce thing online it seems.

Ethereal3503d ago

Failed experiment. It was worth the effort though but I don't think they will continue it on PS4. Focus on bring us quality games from both AAA devs and indie.

3 p I c3503d ago

But but but.. It was the perfect place for the socially awkward home schooled kids!