A Jew’s take on playing a Jew in South Park: The Stick of Truth

GamesBeat's Jason Wilson: I expected more off-color jokes as a Jew, and if what I saw during the preview is representative of the full game, playing one is full of laughs and not particularly offensive. No Jew gold around my neck. No Moses-as-MCP Cone. You sometimes hear faint echoes of “Jews, Jews are lame” in the background (a line from the South Park Christmas Special’s Hanukkuh song). But I didn’t see anything that pushed the edge of decency.

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Sadie21002185d ago

Now I want to know what an easily offended Jew thinks of this game. :)

3-4-52185d ago

Has this writer ever watched South Park ?

They make fun of EVERYONE.

Nobody is off limits.

darkronin2292185d ago

Hah, I had no idea that Jew is a class in the game. Great write-up.

Cutter202185d ago

Wow, courting controversy much?

Sadie21002185d ago

Did you read the article?

Irishguy952185d ago

Have you seen South Park before?

Qrphe2185d ago

Id give you a link to South Park Season 1 Episode 1 so you could get started

Lifeequals422185d ago

Great headline. And if you're offended by the Jew class, you're probably brand new to South Park.

rdgneoz32185d ago

"The Jew, says Ubisoft rep Jon Miller, is essentially South Park’s cleric class."

Gotta love south park.

AnotherProGamer2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Would have been funnier if they were thief class

deantak2185d ago

oh lord. how do they get away with this stuff?

ACESupERIC2185d ago

By bashing on every race, creed, sexual orientation, religion, nationality etc.

zippycup2185d ago

exactly bash everyone the same and we all good

Qrphe2185d ago

By not discriminating

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The story is too old to be commented.