Green Man Gaming Offering Four Great Games With the 2k Essential Collection

Online video game retailer Green Man Gaming is selling four big 2K games titles for $29.99. The 2K Essential Collection features Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Civilization V and X-Com: Enemy Unknown.

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3-4-52184d ago

That is an awesome deal.

* 4 different type of games with different play styles.

I like that they didn't just package in 4 generic FPS games or something, like you would see elsewhere.

* Good think about PC, there will always be a market because people will always have PC's and there is a whole generation who grew up PC gaming and are still going to want to for the next 30 years.

* They don't have to worry about marketing a console, because almost everyone has some type of computer.

* Same reason ios is getting popular...Everyone has a phone, but in that case, at least PC games are of high quality most of the time.